Manor Lords – All Recruit Types

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Manor Lords – All Recruit Types

What you are about to see is a list of all recruit types in Manor Lords, so let’s learn more about everything. You should learn more about those things.

If you read our Manor Lords Beginner Tips and Tricks, you will see that this game is a lot more complicated than you think. Besides knowing how to survive, cure those who are ill, and do other things, you also need to have the best army possible. To do that, you need to know what types of recruits to get.

At the time of covering all recruit types in Manor Lords, there are three alternatives to choose from – Militia, Retinue, and Mercenaries. Each one is different and has specifics, so let’s learn more about them. 

Militia – How to Recruit

When it comes down to Manor Lords and all recruit types, the first one we want to talk about is militia. Once you start playing the game, you will realize that these are armed male settlers who are very important. You have the ability to recruit them and give them weapons and armor.

Starting with the recruitment process, the first thing is to wait until you have enough men in the village. Once you think the number is okay, use Rally and choose where the men will go and form a militia. 

When talking about this recruit type in Manor Lords, you need to know how to give them weapons. From what we’ve seen, the game offers you 4 different types of militia units:

  • Spear Militia
  • Militia Footmen
  • Archer Militia
  • Polearm Militia

Each of these types of units has specific weapons, and you will need to have a Blacksmith’s Workshop or Joiner’s Workshop to produce them. In terms of the weapons they have, the Foortmen use sidearms and small shields, whereas the Poleram militia uses Polearms. Archers need Warbows, and Spear Militia will use large shields and spears.  

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As for the Militia armor, these units can wear any type of armor as long as it is available. Of course, using better armor will increase their defensive capabilities. 

While on the topic of armor, the levels are as follows:

  • Small Shield
  • Large Shield
  • Gambesons
  • Helmets
  • Mail Armor
  • Plate Armor

You don’t need to do anything specific to arm your militia. They will arm themselves as long as they have enough armor and weapons. 

Retinue – How To Recruit

The next important aspect we must address in all recruit types of his Manor Lords is Retinue. These soldiers are stronger than the Militia, which makes them a lot more valuable in battles.

If you wish to recruit Retinue in Manor Lords, you need to have a Manor. Once that’s ready, there will be a small Retinue, which will have 5 soldiers. The good news is that you can increase their numbers by creating Garrison Towers.  

If you wish to add more soldiers, you can do that at the cost of 50 Treasury. 

What’s different about Retinue when compared to others is that you can customize them. This is possible by using the army menu. You can choose from several different cosmetic changes and skill upgrades. 

Retniue Specifics

As mentioned, these recruit types are a lot more advanced than the rest. One thing that is different about them is that they can earn Skill Points after each fight. You can use these points to get different upgrades.

You can also change your Retinue equipment once you go to the Equipment Menu. You can find different armor upgrades and weapons. Keep in mind that the type of weapon will provide these units with specific advantages and disadvantages. 

Lastly, you can also change the names of your Retinue’s and use different cosmetic items. Keep in mind that they will not affect the unit’s stats.

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Mercenaries – How to Recruit

Since we are discussing all recruit types in Manor Lords, we must also mention the Mercenaries. They can be very important in specific situations, so knowing more about them is important. 

In order to recruit Mercenaries in Manor Lords, you need to pay them every month using your Treasury. Once that happens, you can use them until they are disbanded. The price you have to pay will depend on how many people you will get.

Another different thing about them is that they have specific units that excel in range or mele combat.

We have analyzed all of the Mercanary Units in Manor Lords and found several options:

  • Brigand
  • Light Mercenary Archer
  • Light Mercenary Infantry
  • Light Mercharty Spearmen
  • Heavy Merchary Archers

Depending on the type of the mercenary unit, it will have specific weapons and armor. Players will have access to a random Mercenary company every month, and you will be able to choose between melee and ranged units, depending on what is available. 

Speaking of the Mercenary companies, there are several of them, but you can only get units from the one assigned on the given month.
Here is what we know about the different Mercenary Companies:

  • Local Thugs 
  • Brigands For Hire
  • Wayward Sons 
  • Battle Brothers 
  • Brotherhood of the Forest
  • Flock of Crazy Geese
  • Greencaps
  • Revenues Vultures

The price you have to pay starts from 15 Treasury for the Local Thugs and can reach 110 for Revenues Vultures. 


These are all of the recruit types in Manor Lords from which you can choose right now. We expect to have even more alternatives in the future, so don’t forget to follow us for more details. Also, remember to check our combat guide if you need to know some basic rules of how to be more successful. 

Manor Lords – All Recruit Types
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