How To Cure Diseases in Manor Lords

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How To Cure Diseases in Manor Lords

If you want to know how to cure diseases in Manor Lords, you are about to learn everything. Keep reading to find the answers.

One thing we have mentioned in our guide about how to survive winter in Manor Lords is that you will need to have enough food and herbs. Well, besides requiring this thing to survive the harsh winter, you may also need to them to cure diseases in this game.

Since Manor Lords is a realistic game, there are diseases that can be extremely annoying. If your villagers are ill, they won’t be able to work properly, which will slow down your overall progress. With that said, those wondering how to cure diseases in Manor Lords will find all the answers they need.

How To Cure Diseases in Manor Lords

Something to keep in mind about curing diseases in Manor Lords is that this can be an automated process. That’s right, you don’t really need to do anything special if you want your villagers to be cured because they can do this automatically. However, you will have to wait until this happens, and during that time, your villagers may stop working.

Fortunately, there is a way to cure diseases in Manor Lords without waiting, and this is possible thanks to herbs. Having herbs in stock will increase your villagers’ chances of curing themselves faster. 

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Ideally, you should have an herb garden because this will ensure your villagers have a steady supply of products. You can get the garden once you upgrade the Forager’s Hut.

Preventing diseases in Manor Lords

Now that you know how to cure diseases in Manor Lords, it’s also important to see what you can do so you don’t find yourself in this situation. The first and most important thing is to have different types of food available at all times. This is not easy to do, but it will increase the chances of not getting sick.

People who have problems producing a wide variety of food can get some by creating a Trading Post. 

How To Cure Diseases in Manor Lords
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