Manor Lords – Administration Buildings and How To Use Them

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Manor Lords – Administration Buildings and How To Use Them

This article will be taking a look at Manor Lord’s Administration Buildings and how to use them.

Manor Lords take everything a step further when it comes to world building, especially with the amount of tools that are available to you and what you can do with them. In this article, we will be looking at one of the buildings that will be useful to you in your journey as a Lord in Manor Lords.

Administration buildings are an extremely useful resource for you in Manor Lords, as they are responsible for managing the affairs, taxes and even the economy of your settlement in the game. This article will be covering the different types of Administration building, all their upgrades and more so let’s get to it!

All Administration Buildings and How To Use Them

Manor Lords - Administration Buildings and How To Use Them

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In Manor Lords, there are two types of Administration buildings that you can unlock, each having their distinct usage and requirements. Let’s take a look at them:

Manor Buildings:

  • Grants you 250 influence,
  • Raises Administration level by 1
  • Lets you tax the people in your community.
  • Requires Fuel to operate.
  • Can only make 1 per region.
  • A Retinue will be recruited after building the first Manor.
  • Has an area around the Manor where it can be upgraded with various modules.
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Settlers Camp:

  • Can only be placed in regions where no buildings have been erected.
  • Needs 250 Treasury to be placed.
  • Needs an extra 250, 500 or 750 Treasury to determine the starting resources in the region.
  • Immediately converts into a Homeless People’s Tents upon placement.

As we can see above, the main purpose of having Manor Buildings is so that your settlement has taxation, improving your economy and enabling trades with other regions. Not to mention, upgrading your administration buildings will also increase your troop size, improving your overall Military power.

On the other hand, Settlers Camps act as a central hub whenever you have plans to cultivate a certain region. The more money you invest into the camp, the better your starting resources will be.

Upgrading Administration Buildings

Manor Lords - Administration Buildings and How To Use Them

The only Administration building you can upgrade is the Manor Building, and it’s quite easy to do so. Upgrades will improve the overall look of your building and provide other benefits to your settlement.

  • Walls: Costs 2 Planks per wall segment. A gate will be built instead if they cross a road, costing the same.
  • Outer Towers: Costs 10 Timbers and 5 Stone per tower. Each tower provides 10 Garrison spaces.
  • Garrison Towers: Costs 10 Timber, 15 Planks and 10 Stones to make. Increases maximum Retinue by 12. Only one Garrison tower can be built.
  • Tax Offices: Costs 4 Timber and enables taxation.
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How To Build Administration Buildings

Administration buildings will require a specific set of materials for you to build them, much like upgrading them. But Settler’s Camps don’t need to be built because they are automatically made for you once you make a settlement.

The materials that you need to make a Manor Building is:

  • Timber x5
  • Planks x20
  • Stone x25

Do keep in mind that you can’t relocate an administration building once they’re made so it’s crucial that you plan out the placement properly before you decide to build one.

And that’s all we have for Administration buildings in Manor Lords. They’re a very crucial building to have in every settlement, so it’s just as crucial to know how to make them, what their upgrades do and what benefits they provide to your society.

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Manor Lords – Administration Buildings and How To Use Them
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