Manor Lords – How to Pay the Royal Tax

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Manor Lords – How to Pay the Royal Tax

Manor Lords is certainly one of the most anticipated games of this period, thanks also to its arrival on Game Pass on day one. Obviously, being a game in which you will have to manage a myriad of different aspects, there are many doubts about it. One of these is how to pay the Royal Tax.

In this Manor Lords how to pay taxes article, therefore, we will try to tell you everything we know about this aspect of the game so that you cannot be caught off guard when you start your adventure. So, if you are in doubt, all you have to do is continue reading this article.

How to Pay the Royal Tax in Manor Lords

To be able to pay the Royal Tax in Manor Lords, you will not also have to obtain Treasury thanks to the taxes. Obviously, there are several ways to satisfy this requirement, so in this article, we will try to give you as complete a view as possible on this aspect.

Deducted from Treasury

The Royal Tax is like a yearly fee taken from your Treasury. Your Treasury is basically all the money and valuable stuff you have. This money is taken from the wealth that comes from the places you own, like towns and cities. So, what you need to do is help your townsfolk make more money from the places they live and work. You can do this by building things like Burgage Plots, which are little plots of land where people can live and work. The more of these you have, the more money your town can make.

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Trading Posts are another way to boost your town's wealth. These are like special places where people can buy and sell things from faraway lands. By having more trading posts, you can bring in goods from other places and sell them for a profit. In short, your main job as a leader is to make sure your towns and cities are making as much money as possible. The more money they make, the better off everyone will be, including you.

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Build a Manor and a Tax Collector

When your village reaches the Medium level, you can begin to collect taxes. To do this, you'll need to build a Manor and a Tax Collection Building. The Manor is like your headquarters, where you make decisions, and the Tax Collection Building is where people bring their taxes. With the Manor, you can decide how much tax to collect. You can choose to take 10% of what people make or earn. So, if someone earns 100 coins, you would take 10 coins as tax.

It's a good idea to start collecting taxes when your village is making a steady income from Regional Wealth. This means the money is coming in regularly, not just now and then. It helps make sure you have enough money to run the village and take care of everyone's needs. So, when things are stable and you're sure you can rely on the money coming in, that's the time to start collecting taxes.

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Note: Taxes are something you have to handle with care. If you ask for too much in taxes, people might not be happy with you. This can make your Approval rating go down. Approval is like how much people like and trust you as their leader.

Think of it like this: if you ask for too much money in taxes, people might feel like you're taking too much from them. They might start to feel unhappy or even angry. And if they're not happy with you, they might not listen to you or support you as much.

So, it's important to find the right balance. You want to collect enough taxes to run the village smoothly, but you don't want to take so much that people get upset. Keep an eye on how much tax you're asking for and how people are feeling about it. If you notice that Approval is going down, you might need to lower the taxes to keep everyone happy.

How to Check the Royal Tax in Manor Lords

Now that you know in general how this game mechanic works in Manor Lords, it is important that you know how to get it under control. Fortunately for you, however, it is nothing difficult; on the contrary. All you have to do is simply place your cursor in the top right part of the screen, or, to be precise, on the crown and coin UI icon. And that's it; now you can control this parameter whenever you need it.

Manor Lords – How to Pay the Royal Tax
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