Madden 24 Release Date, Preload Time, Editions, and More

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Madden 24 Release Date, Preload Time, Editions, and More

This is everything that we know about the Madden 24 release date, what’s coming, and how the Madden 24 preload time is all going to work.

Madden 24 is set to be a big new start for the franchise. It’s introducing a lot of new innovations which will bring the football sim up to date. The Madden 24 release date will deliver the most next-gen experience we’ve seen from the franchise. When exactly can you start playing though?

The latest release in the Madden series promises to be an immersive experience in Football. It’s the more realistic release so far in a game that’s often been praised for bringing realistic football into esports. As with any new EA sport iteration though, they’ve made a few changes to make the package more than just the same game with updated rosters. A fan-favourite mode not seen since the 2000s is making a return. That’s along with an updated and more realistic system to perfectly emulate pro football.

If you can’t wait to jump into Madden 24 on release date, there are a few different ways you can play a bit early. By loading things up on the Madden 24 preload time, plus using a version of the game that allows early access, you can start playing quite a bit earlier. So, when is the Madden 24 release date and what’s the Madden 24 preload time when you can start prepping?

When is the Madden 24 Release Date?

Madden 24 Release Date

The general release date of Madden 24 is August 18th. This is the standard date for anyone looking to just pick the game up and jump in. However, some customers will get access a bit earlier.

Anyone subscribed to EA Play will be able to access the Madden 24 Unlock time early. These people will get the game on August 15! The full game will unlock then. It’s not just EA play that gets it early either. The title will also unlock early for anyone who has ordered the special edition of Madden 24. If you’re looking to play the game as soon as physically possible, then either of these options works for getting early access.

Who’s the Madden 24 Cover Star?

Just as vital as the Madden 24 release date or Madden 24 preload time, is the star of the game itself. The cover star of each edition of Madden is a pretty big deal.

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Being on the cover of a Madden game cements another football star permanently as an icon of the sport in that period. This year the honor goes to Josh Allen. This was first announced on June 7th. The Buffalo Bills player will be gracing the cover of the game this time around.

New Features and Modes in Madden 24

Madden 24 Release Date

That’s when the Madden 24 release date is, but what actually awaits players once they jump in? The game will have new crossplay, which is a pretty big deal for some. Even if you’re playing on a PC and friends are on a different console, the game will now allow full crossplay! There’s also plenty of new gameplay elements.

The game will feature Superstar Mode. This was a game mode that was originally popular in the 2000s editions of Madden, that’s making a comeback for 2024. This mode lets players experience the full career of an NFL player. On top of this, there’s a new mode called Superstar Showdown, a 3v3 mode too. These modes are only on the PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC versions though.  Old gen models don’t get this content.

Madden 2024 has more than just new modes. There’s some new tech behind the football simulation which can help to make it the most immersive game so far. Madden 24 has a few new areas where it has improved. There’s hit everything 20 and skill based passing 2.0. Both of these are going to kick the realism for different areas of gameplay up a notch.

Then there’s FieldSENSE. This system is expanding the way the play area interacts, making this the closest pro football sim we’ve ever seen. All of these features will be there from the Madden 24 release date.

What’s the Exact Madden 24 Unlock Time?

What if you’ve pre-ordered early to get as much time as possible out of the game, but you really want to start at the exact second of release? You should probably just head back to Madden 23, but if you really can’t quite a second then you should wait until the very exact unlock time.

The game will unlock for players once it hits midnight on August 15, or 18 if you’ve only got the base level of the game. That’s when you can physically start playing.

What’s the Madden 24 Preload Time?

Release Date is great but if you’re waiting for the game to download that’s going to limit when you can play too. The preload time lets you get ahead of that. You can install the bulk of the game early, so once the release time actually hits you can immediately start to play. When is the Madden 24 preload time then?

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EA hasn’t yet confirmed a pre-load time, which is frustrating. This means the game isn’t able to be preloaded until the exact release date. Keep an eye out for changes though as they may update things closer to release.

Madden 24 Release Editions

Madden 24 preload time will depend on which edition you unlock. However, there are more differences between the two versions of the game. If you want the earlier Madden 24 unlock time but you’re not sure if you want to grab the standard edition with EA Play or the upgraded one, then these are the other main differences. This is what you get with both Madden 24 releases.

Deluxe Edition

  • Madden 24 Base Game
  • Dual Entitlement
  • Josh Allen Elite Player Item
  • Choice of 2 Strategy Items (1 Offense and 1 Defense)
  • NFL Marble Bills Gears
  • 3 Day Early Access
  • 4600 Madden Points
  • AKA Player Item (If you pre-ordered before July 22)

Standard Edition

  • Base Madden 24 Game
  • Dual Entitlement
  • Josh Allen Elite Player Item
  • Choice of 2 Strategy Items (1 Offense and 1 defence)
  • NFL Marble Bills Gear

Those are the big differences. It’ll be the Madden 24 early access that a lot of players are after with the deluxe edition, but you can get that with EA Play too. It’s nice you get a few extra goodies too, although they probably won’t end up being the most expensive items in video games.

How Much Does Madden 24 Cost?

Madden 24 Release Date

Madden 24 preload and release date on August 15 is only coming with the more expensive edition, but how much does the title cost? The new instalment in the series will be $69.99 at the base level. With that version of the title though, it’ll unlock a bit later on August 18th. If you want to splash out on early access though, you’ll have to go with the Deluxe Edition. This will cost $99.99.

However, if you are an EA Play subscriber you get the earlier Madden 24 release date. On top of that, you get a 10% discount on both versions of the game. While Madden 24 will cost $62.99 on the base level and $89.99 at the Deluxe Edition with the 10% EA Play discount. Being an EA Play member also means you can August 15th as the Madden 24 unlock time no matter which one you buy.

That’s everything you need to know ahead of the Madden 24 release. We’re getting pretty close to the latest game finally dropping. If you have the more expensive edition or you’re using EA Play, you’ll be able to play early too!

Madden 24 Release Date, Preload Time, Editions, and More
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