Lords of the Fallen: Devs Explain How it Innovates the Soulslikes

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Lords of the Fallen: Devs Explain How it Innovates the Soulslikes

The release of Lords of the Fallen is getting closer and closer. Owners of PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S will be able to start playing the game on October 13, 2023. In recent days, the developers have let themselves go to various statements regarding the game, both in terms of its multiplayer and other things such as gameplay, length, and its open world; as well as the fact that the game won't have a demo. After these first statements, the developers, to the microphones of IGN, opened up in a long interview in which they stated that Lords of the Fallen will innovate the combat system compared to other exponents of the genre.

Lords of the Fallen combat system innovates over other soulslikes

Mitchell Saltzmann of IGN conducted this interview, in which it is also possible to see several in-game scenes, both related to the actual gameplay and cinematic scenes. In this interview, the two members of the development team explained in detail the efforts they had to make to innovate the game experience offered by soulslikes, in order to offer something different with regard to Lords of the Fallen.

Obviously, the main theme of the interview was the combat system of Lords of the Fallen, probably the aspect that all fans of this genre of games care most about. The developers have explained that they have worked hard and have used a good part of their resources on aspects such as the fluidity of the animations, the balancing of spells and white weapons, the physics system that will have to manage collisions, the artificial intelligence of enemies and the complexity of the boss battles.

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Finally, we remind you that not long ago the developers themselves had praised the Unreal Engine 5. In fact, according to them, the Epic Games graphics engine managed to greatly facilitate the work that had been entrusted to the designers who had the task of creating settings and lighting. Of course, having such a state-of-the-art graphics engine could have only been an advantage for the development of the game.

Lords of the Fallen: Devs Explain How it Innovates the Soulslikes
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