Lords of the Fallen Multiplayer Explained From Devs

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Lords of the Fallen Multiplayer Explained From Devs

How does Lords of the Fallen multiplayer work? This is one of the most popular questions from gamers, who are eager to find out how the multiplayer part of the game created by the HexWorks development team works. In fact, multiplayer in soulslikes is often not so immediate and easy to understand, so the developers themselves took care of clarifying the players' ideas during an interview with Mp1st colleagues.

Before leaving you to the heart of the matter and talking to you in detail about how Lords of the Fallen's multiplayer will be, we also invite you to read our recent article in which we reveal some interesting details about the gameplay, length, and open world of the game. In this way, you will have all the information you need to be able to better prepare yourself to face this journey.

Lords of the Fallen coop explained

Head of Studio Saul Gascon and Creative Director Cezar Virtosu have stated that the co-op allows smooth drop-in and drop-out at any point during the campaign. A player can either beckon a random player or invite a friend directly into the game from any of the in-game checkpoints (known as Vestiges). The host and the guest are the only players. The guest can only pick up the loot that is dropped, keep their accumulated vigor, level up at the Vestiges, and interact with vendors; they are not able to participate in quests or have dialogue options with said vendors. The host is in control of the world state, including Axiom/Umbral, mechanisms, and NPC interactions.

Witchfire Combat Tips

In Axiom, if a visitor passes away, the host has the option to freely resurrect them right away by engaging with an effigy that is created after they pass away. It is a tactical choice to bring that person back because of how long this interaction has lasted. The last visited Vestige, whether it was created or not, is where both players revive in the absence of that.

Lords of the Fallen PvP explained

For what concerns PvP, the developers said that Lords of the Fallen has PvP-designated locations scattered all over the place since invasions happen everywhere. To allow for fast confrontations, the invader makes a reasonably close approach to the host. The invader only has one life, and if they are slain, they will not come back to life in the Umbral world, which is under the power of the host alone. Therefore, if the invader is on an Umbral-only structure and the host happens to be nearby an Effigy of Emergence and transforms the realm back to Axiom, the invader will immediately date gravity.

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Lords of the Fallen Multiplayer Explained From Devs
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