LoL: Worlds 2020 | Damwon Gaming vs Suning Finals Preview

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LoL: Worlds 2020 | Damwon Gaming vs Suning Finals Preview

It all comes down to this, one final series between Damwon and Suning.

The 2020 League of Legends Championship is reaching its climax. Twenty-two teams took to Summoner's Rift to prove themselves but only two remain. Damwon Gaming and Suning. The Korean behemoths and the rising Chinese heroes.

Both of these teams were quite impressive during their runs here. Damwon displayed sheer dominance, easily knocking over every opponent in their path. They've barely had to break a sweat so far it seems, even against teams like G2 Esports and DRX. But on the other hand, Suning defied every expectation to claim their spot in the 2020 Worlds Finals. They beat out every other potential tournament favorite, besides Damwon, to do so; G2 Esports in Groups, JD Gaming in Quarterfinals and, finally, the LPL's #1 seed Top Esports.

Now, all that's left is for these two to face each other and see who is truly the best. This is what LoL fans have waited all year for and it's definitely bound to deliver some action-packed games!

Win conditions

Suning's LoL players Swordart, Huanfeng and SofM pose together outside in their jerseys

To be honest, this won't be easy for either team, despite many seeing Damwon as the predictable winner. Starting with Damwon, they'll need to pay specific attention to their solo lanes. Their biggest advantage during the series is undoubtedly in the mid lane, where Showmaker will likely outclass Angel. This is a point of pressure they can attack repeatedly, as Angel, while not being a bad player in any sense, isn't nearly at the level Showmaker is.

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Meanwhile, SN's Bin has had an amazing performance in the top lane, meaning Damwon will have to be careful not to let Nuguri fall too far behind. Although Nuguri isn't a player that demands resources and is known for his 0-2 powerspike, giving too many advantages to Bin can spell doom for the Korean side. But truthfully, even if Damwon doesn't find leads early, they'll be able to fall back on their brilliant late-game macro to give them an additional edge.

On the flip side, Suning has to make sure to protect Angel, especially if he's put under fire. Alongside that, winning matchups top would bode well for them. But they don't necessarily need to focus only on their solo lanes. They can rely heavily on SofM, who is great at enabling his team to get leads and carry. But where should he focus? The bot lane might be the answer, especially depending on the draft. Huanfeng has impressed this tournament, particularly on his Jhin pick, indicating he can be a point of power Suning can play around. Damwon's bot lane are no slouches, in fact, this lane is probably evenly matched. But this just means any interactions here can heavily swing the game in either's favor.


Pro Korean LoL players Showmaker and Nuguri in their Damwon Gaming attire poitning straight at the camera

As said earlier, some consider this matchup to be one-sided in favor of Damwon. But that's not giving enough credit to Suning and their incredible run. They've ramped up so, so much this tournament and is without a doubt worthy of standing up to Damwon in the World Finals.

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That said, this is still a Damwon favored series, with the odds inevitably in their favor. This team is brilliant as a unit and are individual superstars. Suning definitely has their fair share of talent, but when compared to Damwon, it's clear Damwon has an edge. It's so hard to bet against them when considering their run to the Finals and the high level of play they consistently showcase. A Suning victory isn't out of the question though, but like the matches before, they're certainly the underdogs.

With all that out of the way, we expect Damwon to win the series in 3-2 fashion. Suning is going to put up a great fight but Damwon will pull ahead through their superior talent and game knowledge. This should be a very fun series to watch though, so make sure you don't miss it this Saturday!

Series prediction: 3-2 Damwon

MVP prediction: Showmaker

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