LoL: What Patch Will Worlds 2023 Be Played On?

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LoL: What Patch Will Worlds 2023 Be Played On?

The League of Legends 2023 World Championship is in sight. Read on to see What Patch Will Worlds 2023 Be Played On

Only less than a handful of regions are yet to decide their representatives before Worlds 2023 officially begins.

The World Championship (or “Worlds”) will take the best of the best from 10 major regions to compete for the annual title, as well as the lion's share of a ~$2.5 million prize pool. Historically, we've witnessed the most brilliant League of Legends plays take place on the world stage, and after looking at this year's contestants, we're headed towards another banger of a championship.

While much of the hype revolves around the stories of these pro-players, one of the essential factors to keep track of is what patch will Worlds 2023 be played on. Due to the scale of the game, these updates usually come every other week, and dictate the champion meta these esports pros need to play around/counter. The prevalent patch heavily influences a team's composition across all ranks, and can decide the fate of a high-tier game.

With that in mind, let's take a look at what the playscape will look like during Worlds 2023.

What Patch Will Worlds 2023 Be Played On

Worlds 2023 will be played on patch 13.19, Matt Leung-Harrison confirmed.  League's balance boss also teased the most notable champion changes they're looking to implement in time for the Worlds on October 10.

In a follow-up tweet, Leung-Harrison also outlined a full preview on the upcoming Worlds 2023 patch. Given the heavy focus on mages in the ongoing meta, the changes seems to have targeted the biggest counters.

The balance lead's new Twitter post included the list of champion names and the reasons behind their upcoming changes, including skill adjustments. Before Worlds 2023 kicks off on October, let's check out the full list of planned changes in patch 13.19.

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The following champions will receive buffs in patch 13.19:

  • Galio – shorter cooldowns to make him stronger against mid-lane mages
  • Gangplank – the developers are looking to make the Saltwater Scourge's ultimate stronger overall
  • Jhin – his tier 3 ultimate will gain a small boost that translates to big hp-based damage
  • Lee Sin – incoming buff to his sustain and early dueling capabilities
  • Lissandra – her root skill will get a buff to make match-ups generally fair
  • Nunu – snowball skill damage buffed to compensate for longer window
  • Pyke – slight buffs to his W and E
  • Syndra – her early Q buff seeks to make her more potent in the laning phase
  • Twitch – faster ultimate ability

The following champions will be getting hit with nerfs in patch 13.19:

  • Azir – weakened poke to compensate for strong push skill
  • Rek'Sai – early game Q scaling and passive heal decreased to make him feel like an assassin
  • Renekton – recent buffs to fighter champs and Goredrinker have made him too strong
  • Zeri – a tiny decrease on her base movement speed

These items are getting buffed in patch 13.19:

  • Randuin's Omen – receiving a large discount to help counter Tristana's midlane double-crit carry comps
  • Seeker's Armguard – will offer +20 armor in 13.19

We also got our first look at the upcoming Patch 13.18 from Leung-Harrison. The changes he listed here haven't been finalized, but the timing for the following patch makes sense if you consider the release date of the last update and the tournament's start date.

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What Patch Will Worlds 2023 Be Played On

The official announcement lined up with the last leak in the League of Legends sphere. In late-August, a tweet posted by popular data miner @Spideraxe30 also claimed that T1 and co. would be playing on 13.19. The patch in question is confirmed for Wednesday, September 27, less than a week before Worlds 2023. Moreover, the leak seemed more legitimate considering that the last year's meta was also set a week before Worlds 2022.

Currently, the popular MOBA already has a ton of champs set in their roles as effective picks in the overarching playscape, but there's still plenty of time for Riot to introduce new modifications to shake up the competitive scene. The possibilities are massive, but we shouldn't expect a lot to change when the biggest official esports tournament for League of Legends is only less than a month away.

The LEC has just wrapped up their 2023 season after a high-octane best-of-five series between the Kings of Europe G2 Esports and Fnatic, making them the top two representatives for EMEA at the worlds stage. Read about everything that happened during the LEC season finals here.

By all accounts, What Patch Will Worlds 2023 Be Played On should reflect past pre-Worlds updates and just focus on overperforming champs in pro-play. If 12.18 was any indication, we'll be seeing more and more nerfs as time goes on, but that shouldn't stop Riot from giving a few overdue power-ups to the champions that deserve them (*cough* Jhin *cough*).

With teams all over the globe gearing up for the biggest fight of the season, all bets are off, and so can yours. If you're betting on your favorite rosters for Worlds 2023, check out our betting guide!

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LoL: What Patch Will Worlds 2023 Be Played On?
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