G2 Esports Wins the Inaugural LEC Season Finals With the 3-1 Victory Over Fnatic

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G2 Esports Wins the Inaugural LEC Season Finals With the 3-1 Victory Over Fnatic

G2 best its long-time rival in the first ever LEC Season Finals while securing EMEA’s 1st seed at Worlds 2023.

After winning two of the three Splits in 2023 (Winter and Summer), the only remaining target for G2 in EU was the year's capstone event, Season Finals in Montpellier. Two relatively dominant series agaisnt BDS and MAD Lions put G2 to the Grand Finals, with Fnatic as their opponent.

The four game series ended with G2 Esports coming out victorious, cementing themselves as the 2023 LEC Season Champions and securing the LEC’s number one seed at the upcoming World Championship.

G2 Esports vs Fnatic is the biggest rivalry in LEC history so fans were promised a great show, especially since these two teams haven’t met in an LEC Finals since 2019. But while the narrative of the series was very exciting, G2 was overwhelmingly the favorite coming into the day, and they showed why by coming out of the gates swinging.

The first two games were bloodbaths with kills almost doubling the in-game minutes, with most of the kills favoring the G2 side. Broken Blade was the brightest shining member of G2, especially in the first game which was a closer finish.

Fnatic managed to fight back agaisnt all odds and prevent the sweep in Game 3 thanks to massive performances from Wunder and Noah. They even carried the same momentum into the fourth game with a level one first blood. But G2 eventually pulled themselves together behind Hans Sama’s Draven pocket pick, and with Caps playing one of his best series, finding themselves over 10k gold lead before the 20th minute and then closing out the game, and series, comfortably after that.

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