LoL: Riot Games And Cisco Announce Influential New Partnership

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LoL: Riot Games And Cisco Announce Influential New Partnership

Riot's latest partner is bringing a lot to the table.

This morning, a brand new partnership was announced between Riot Games and Cisco. From now on, Cisco is the official networking partner of League of Legends esports. While this might seem like just a title to some, there's something to be gained for everybody impacted by the deal, even average viewers.

The Realm

Under the multi-year partnership, Cisco will help to improve networking infrastructure for Riot across the major regions. This means a better experience for pros and the people who watch at home. They'll power something called “the Realm” which is a tournament server used for international events like the World Championship.

In the Realm, pro players will be able to compete on below 1ms ping. This would be incredible for pros, as actions would be instant. At the moment, these servers are expected to be a 200% improvement over previous technology. In a game where every second counts, this is invaluable to the highest level of competition.

A better broadcast experience

Next up on the partnership's agenda are the broadcasts. As part of this deal, Cisco is also working with regional leagues to deliver superior broadcast quality for viewers. With this, fans should be able to watch games with less delay and higher quality.

Cisco is a global company with footprints all around the world. As a result, they have the groundwork laid to aid Riot's esports global infrastructure and network performance upgrades. If it works out as planned, this is a great win for fans all around the globe.

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Regional standardization

Currently, each competitive LoL region has its own server that may or may not be the best. But this deal with Cisco will help to bridge the quality gaps around the world and standardize the quality of the competitive game servers. A staggering 200 game servers are set to ship to studios all around the world with the goal of improving regional professional gameplay.

In addition, these new Cisco servers will seamlessly be incorporated and can adapt to new applications with ease. Overall, this is great news for the professional scenes. If the quality is equalized between regions, it allows players from anywhere to truly thrive. It is a boon for competitive integrity as well.

Improved object storage

Finally, Cisco is helping Riot Games develop a better object storage system. This will make Riot's job of content distribution and media processing more efficient. In addition, they'll have more capacity to store old media and other content.

While this might not seem interesting to many on the surface, it can have important implications. With a projected tripled storage space, Riot can hold on to and archive more content that fans have grown to love over the years, from the iconic plays to the funny segments the broadcast crews put on.

Overall, this partnership should have LoL fans around the world excited. Especially so for hardcore fans of LoL Esports, as the developments will boost the potential of all of the leagues around the world.

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However, this isn't the only partnership to be excited about. NA players should be aware of the one with Red Bull, which is hosting a 1v1 LoL tournament in the US and Canada. Another mouth-watering one went through recently with Buffalo Wild Wings, who will bring LoL Esports to their establishments.

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