LCS And Red Bull Announce NA 1v1 Tournament Series And Limited-Edition Cans

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LCS And Red Bull Announce NA 1v1 Tournament Series And Limited-Edition Cans

NA League of Legends players can take their shot at glory.

Today, the LCS and Red Bull unveiled their latest partnership plans. Dubbed the Red Bull Solo Q, it's a tournament series that is available for players in the US or Canada to hop in on. Unlike regular League though, this is a strictly 1v1 tournament, so you won't have to worry about jungle diff.

Along with this, Red Bull is releasing a limited-edition line of cans to accompany the tournament. They'll feature artwork of Conqueror Alistar and Yasuo, and have codes you can redeem to take part in the event. First off, this code will give you a Summoner Icon, as well as potentially a few other goodies. But more importantly, it gives access to the Red Bull Solo Q leaderboards, which is how you're able to participate in the event itself.

The tournament series begins with online qualifiers on August 30. If you battle to the top there, you can claim a spot in the US or Canadian Finals. There, the top contestants will win prizes, while the winner takes home the Red Bull Solo Q trophy to boot.

Registration for the events is currently open. Players can sign up for the event on the Red Bull Solo Q website. This first round of signups will qualify players for the first qualifier on August 30, but there are more chances to compete. Further rounds of qualifiers will take place on September 20, October 4, and October 18, with registration for them opening up two days in advance.

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So whether you're going to get in on the action right away or wait for a later qualifier, start brushing up on your lane mechanics, because you'll need them!

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