LoL: Reginald, Owner Of TSM, Fined $5,000

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LoL: Reginald, Owner Of TSM, Fined $5,000

Online outbursts from Andy “Reginald” Dinh, owner of TSM, have landed him in trouble.

Twitter witnessed heated arguments between Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme and Reginald.

League of Legends Championship Series has been much in the limelight due to the debatable concerns over import laws. LCS fans have been speaking straight from the shoulder and expressing their thoughts over the existing law. There have been remarks in favor of or against the import law.

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What is the LCS import rule?

According to the rule, each team can have a maximum of up to two players outside the region of North America. The rule was implemented to encourage North American players and their development on teams. Meanwhile, the LCS owners were in consideration of scrapping the import rule. Journalist and interviewer Travis Gafford interviewed ten LCS owners to gather their thoughts on the rule. As a matter of surprise, the majority were against the rule's imposition.

Cloud9 owner Jack Etienne also supported the removal of the rule. “I am not a fan of the import rule.” He said. “I want to support young players who are passionate, skilled, and want to work hard no matter where they are born, so I want [the rule] to go away.”

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Vulcan in favor of import law

On the contrary, Cloud9’s Vulcan expressed how this import rule helped him to grow as an LCS start. He firmly believed that the absence of this rule would not let the North Americans' talent regain the identity of their region. LCS should rather work on improvising the product than paying heed to scrapping the import rule, he added. He also voiced views in opposition to LCS owners, tweeting; “If you want a full import team, go buy a team in that region?”

Heated subject on Twitter

In no time, soon Twitter turned into a battleground and hosted fierce arguments as TSM Owner and Founder Reginald responded to Vulcan's tweet. He said that Vulcan would be jobless if LCS owners retreated from NA and moved to another region. He titled Vulcan's remark as ‘ Ignorant' to which Vulcan hit back.

 Unfavorable responses to Reginald's comments; fined by Riot

Renowned personalities criticized Reginald for his remarks on Twitter including the owner of G2 Esports, Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez, who aggressively abused his tweet. Reginald's offensive remarks against the support player for Cloud9, Vulcan, on Twitter led him on the skids as he was fined USD $5,000 by Riot Games. Reginald has since extended his apology, sharing a post on Medium to clarify his position. However, no open remarks have been made by Riot regarding the import rule.

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There are also underlying issues like solo queue and ping problems that need to be addressed too. Ideally an official statement from Riot would offer a counterbalance to the thought process of both team players and owners, but there have been no comments to date.

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