TSM Reginald Responds To Import Rule Tweet Criticism

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TSM Reginald Responds To Import Rule Tweet Criticism

TSM Reginald responds to backlash over his comments on Twitter and petitions Riot Games to change the global import rules.

TSM Founder and CEO Andy “Reginald” Dinh has returned to Twitter to add another chapter in the LCS import saga, posting an essay of his opinions on why the rule should change. The over 1,500-word Medium post details many of the problems plaguing the North American region for years, from latency issues to declining viewership and server size. He also apologies for his unprofessional tweets towards Cloud9's Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme.

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He also outlined in a follow-up tweet that his desire isn’t to gain special treatment from the rule change, but for the rule to change because it creates disadvantages to the North American region specifically.

Reginald’s reasons for change

In his post, Reginald outlines the differences in server size between the main regions. He highlights the massively elevated player base in China and Korea while also explaining how that creates difficulty in finding North American prospects.

He also highlights how the development of North American domestic leagues at the second tier level has been lacking, especially in comparison to Europe. To top off the post, the TSM owner dives into other well-worn topics like the latency issues in the region and loss of viewership over the past few years. Finally, he reaffirms TSM's commitment to bringing up North American talent, whether fans choose to believe it or not in light of the whole debacle is a whole different issue.

Fan and community reaction

The post was a response to many of the fans' and commentators' reactions to the LCS owners petitioning change, and most left the post disappointed. In the wake of the owners' radio silence and non-answers from many of the LCS owners when pressed on the issue, the post read more hollow and by-the-numbers than it probably should have.

Many of the points that Reginald brings up have been talked about for years and a change in the regional import rules just seems like another scapegoat for these long-standing problems. The post defends the point of view the team owners have by placing some of the blame on problems seemingly caused by Riot Games. Because of this, it does little overall to quell the flame of discontent many LCS viewers feel.

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