Lies of P White Lady: How to Beat it

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Lies of P White Lady: How to Beat it

The Lies of P White Lady boss is a mini-boss that you can face after you have defeated the Fallen Archbishop Andreus. It is a humanoid enemy, so the strategy to use is very similar to that seen for Mad Donkey and Survivor, for example. In this article, therefore, we have decided to guide you step by step to find and then face this boss who will not be very difficult to defeat.

How to find White Lady

After defeating the Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss, you will obtain the key that will allow you to enter Rosa Isabelle Street from Antonia. The Lies of P White Lady boss you will find not very far from the location of the first Stargazer and, technically, it would be the first boss you can face in this area. However, before you can fight her, you will have to make her spwan. But how do you do that? Very simple.

Approach the rotating puppet from behind until you see the option to investigate appear on the screen. Once this is done, the White Lady will spawn in the arena and this will begin this boss fight. As mentioned previously, she is a boss with a humanoid shape, so the advice we have already given you to defeat other bosses of the same kind applies.

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How to beat White Lady

The thing you will have to pay most attention to during the entire fight is his speed. White Lady, in fact, compared to the boss Mad Donkey, for example, is much faster, which could make parries and dodges more difficult. However, it is certainly not one of the most difficult bosses in Lies of P, so rest assured that with a little attention and practice you will succeed in your aim.

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To make the fight even easier, you can make use of some items to equip before starting the battle. Among these, we cannot fail to mention a special grindstone that can add electrical or fire damage to your weapons. In fact, this boss is vulnerable to these two elements, so, if you have the possibility, we recommend that you equip this item. This will allow you to deal more damage and cause him to enter a stagger state more quickly.

However, another piece of advice we give you is not to try to hit White Lady using combos that are too long. Using this approach, in fact, could be counterproductive and would result in the White Lady being able to parry your attacks and counterattack, inflicting a lot of damage on you. Therefore, use short and spaced combos to get the better of this opponent.

As with all other enemies in humanoid form, even against the White Lady the best strategy is to try to position yourself behind her and strike from that position. Being able to use this approach will not only ensure that you deal more damage to the enemy, but also the battle in general will last less time as you will be able to kill this Lies of P boss in less time. Don't be afraid to also use items like Throwing Cells and Thermites to deal extra damage.

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Furthermore, since this boss's attacks are mostly fast and long combos, you can also use the various cooldown windows between one attack and another to counterattack and land some hits that will allow you to gradually get closer to the end of the battle. Once you defeat the White Lady, you will receive The White Lasy'd Locket and The White Lady's Mask as a reward.

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Lies of P White Lady: How to Beat it
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