Lies of P Mad Donkey: How to Beat it

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Lies of P Mad Donkey: How to Beat it

Although it is mandatory to face in order to free Geppetto, the Lies of P Mad Donkey boss can be considered a sort of mini-boss that can be faced on the Alchemist Bridge. However, if you are already worrying about how to defeat him, fear not: the Mad Donkey is one of the easiest bosses to face in Lies of P. Consequently, managing to defeat him will not be an arduous task.

How to beat Mad Donkey

Despite the fact that he must be confronted in order to continue in the game, finding the Mad Donkey could be a little tricky. For this reason, we have decided, before going into detail on the strategy to use to defeat him, to tell you exactly where you can find him, so as to head directly towards him.

First, head to Inside the House of Elysion Boulevard Stargazer and go out the door. Go right, kill some enemies, and climb onto the roof. Go left around the small building and go to the other side to reach the Petrification Zone. At this point, use the ladder to climb down and kill the Guard Puppet. Head towards the exit, kill the enemies, and go right to find a locked gate. Open it, and at the end of the bridge, you will find the Mad Donkey intent on asking Geppetto questions.

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As already mentioned, Mad Donley is one of the easiest bosses to face, also because you can exploit one of his weaknesses by inflicting a lot of damage, as well as using the classic strategy of dodges, parries, and attacks. Furthermore, the entire boss fight is very simple, due to the fact that this Lies of P boss has few attacks available in his arsenal and all of them are very simple to memorize and avoid.

His main attacks are swing and slam attacks, which he will try to use constantly to try to hit you. Consequently, the most effective strategy to use in this case is to pay attention and focus on timing and then pull off a perfect parry or dodge. It's up to you to decide which approach to use based on your skills. We remind you, in fact, that you will meet this boss at the beginning of your adventure, so you may not have assimilated some game mechanics properly.

However, the most effective thing to do to defeat Mad Donkey is to exploit the vulnerability of his back, as with any other boss of the genre. Fortunately, during the battle, the boss will very often leave his back covered, especially in the cooldown periods between one attack and another, so our advice is to take advantage of these moments to land your attacks.

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Accordingly, we propose that you follow this strategy. When Mad Donkey is about to use his slam attack, avoid him and position yourself immediately behind him to score a critical hit. This way, the boss will fall to the ground stunned, giving you the chance to land a few more shots. Once this is done, immediately stand back and repeat this strategy until the boss dies. Once defeated, you will receive the Mad Donkey's Hunting Apparel, the Mad Donkey's Mask, and the Enigma Assembly Tool as a reward.

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Lies of P Mad Donkey: How to Beat it
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