Lies of P Survivor: How to Beat it

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Lies of P Survivor: How to Beat it

Not all bosses in Lies of P are mandatory to face. There are some, such as the Lies of P Survivor, which may not even be addressed. Why? Simply because you haven't explored those areas or because it will depend on your choices in the dialogue options. However, most of the time, the real difficulty of these optional boss fights is not the fight itself but managing to find them, although there are some cases in which even the fight will put you in difficulty.

How to find the Survivor

Before delving into the heart of the guide and showing you the right strategy to use against this mini-boss, it is advisable to provide you with all the possible information on how to find him. In fact, if you don't know exactly where to go, it's likely that you will never encounter this boss, unless you explore the game world far and wide. In any case, don't worry, because we will explain step by step where to go to face this Lies of P boss.

First, for ease, you will need to consider the Venigni Works Central Room Stargazer as a starting point. At this point, drop down from the platform and head to the right to go through the door. In the room you just entered, you can see a door on the left with many enemies guarding it. Here, you decide whether to kill them or run. Probably, if you are not good enough in the escape technique, killing them might be the simplest and safest solution. Once this is done, go through the door in question and go down using the ladder to reach a secret room. This is where you will find Survivor ready to engage in a fight against you.

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How to beat the Survivor

This Lies of P boss has two weaknesses: acid and back shots. Although we still do not have elements that can inflict acid damage, we can still get the better of this enemy by exploiting only its other weakness. Like any humanoid enemy, as we have already said for the Mad Donkey, the weak point is their back. In fact, if you manage to get behind him, you will be able to inflict large amounts of damage on him.

Consequently, the best strategy to defeat Survivor is to study his pattern well, mostly composed of very fast combos. Try to parry and/or dodge all of his blows and then quickly position yourself behind him and hit him from that position. By adopting this strategy for the entire duration of the battle you will not have major problems and you could be able to defeat your opponent without even suffering damage (or in any case very little).

Ultimately, since it is a fairly simple battle, there are no complex strategies to follow. The one used for the Mad Donkey remains valid for this boss too, you will just have to pay a little more attention as Survivor is slightly faster and the place where the fight will take place is a little narrower, but otherwise, you shouldn't have who knows what great difficulties. Once defeated, you will receive the Survivor's Mask, the Survivor's Hunting Apparel, and the Stalker's Premise gesture as a reward.

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Lies of P Survivor: How to Beat it
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