Lies of P Simon Manus Awakened God: How to Beat it

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Lies of P Simon Manus Awakened God: How to Beat it

Lies of P is a game full of dangers to face, with many bosses waiting to be defeated. One of these is Simon Manus, the boss you can face at the end of your adventure. In this Lies of P Simon Manus article, we will explain in detail the strategy to adopt to get the better of this boss, since it will not be very easy to face.

How to beat Simon Manus

As in almost all the other battles in Lies of P, the one with the final boss also consists of two different phases. For this reason, in this article, we have decided to talk in depth about both phases, giving you advice on how to best deal with both. However, as already said at the beginning of this article, Simon Manus is not easy to face, so much so that he is included in our list of the Lies of P hardest bosses to face.

Phase 1

During the first phase, you will be able to witness this boss in his Arm of God version. Consequently, in order to attack you up close, he will make use of his giant mace and his own body. The thing to pay close attention to at this stage is the range of his attacks since they consist of a very large range that could take you by surprise. For this reason, we recommend that you make use of a spectrum to make this battle easier for you.

Since in this phase the boss will mainly use body-to-body attacks, learning to distinguish them and their timing is of vital importance. In case he decides to attack you with the two-swing combo, what you will have to do is dodge it or try to parry it in order to counterattack. In case he uses his Fury slam attack, be careful to be at a distance, or, in case you have mastered the timing, you can try to parry this attack to stagger him. At this point, attack while you have the chance.

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Another attack the boss could use in this first phase is a charged aerial attack. In this case, in order not to be hit, you will have to be fast enough to get out of its path. Furthermore, this attack will cause flames to appear on the ground that will last for some time, so be careful not to step on them to avoid taking elemental damage.

In any case, this phase is quite simple to overcome without taking too much damage, as long as you have patience and don't rush headlong into the fight. If you have the chance, make use of all items or weapons that deal fire damage, as Simon Manus is vulnerable to this element.

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Phase 2

The real difficulty in defeating this Lies of P boss is in its second phase. In this phase, the boss will take the form of Awakened God and will make use of both close-range shots and ranged attacks. The latter are definitely the most dangerous and difficult to avoid, also because there are many of them and each one is very different from each other.

One of this Lies of P boss's ranged attacks allows him to create three explosions right in the exact place you are. Consequently, pay close attention to the moment in which the bass arm starts to pulsate: this is the indicator that will allow you to understand that he is about to launch this type of attack. Simon Manus will also be able to make use, during the battle, of energy waves that spread across the ground which, fortunately, can be parried or dodged.

The type of attack you absolutely need to pay attention to is the one that inflicts the Disruption state on you. Simon Manus is able to use several: projectiles, a yellow ball that shoots arrows, and an energy ball that shoots projectiles. To avoid each of these attacks, our advice is to always stay on the move and move with a lateral pattern.

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But when is it best to attack Simon Manus during the second phase? Certainly when he makes use of his melee attacks. Compared to those of the first phase they are faster and have a greater range of action, so keep these two factors in mind in case you intend to block them. Furthermore, the boss will also make use of rolling attacks that will allow him to get close to you and then hit you with combos.

Another type of attack that he will use in this phase is the Fury attack, which you have already learned about during the first phase. Consequently, if in the first phase, you have learned the timing of this attack well and how to avoid it, you should not have major problems in this phase either. Finally, at a certain point, Simon Manus will make use of a new type of attack that will allow him to summon a large hand from the sky that will unleash a large explosion. To avoid this attack, the strategy to use is to run to try not to be hit by the explosion.

Between one attack and another, however, the boss will give you windows in which it will be safe to approach to attack up close, perhaps performing a fatal attack, or performing some Fable Arts. As long as you keep our advice in mind and use a more defensive playstyle, you should be able to beat this boss. Consequently, our general advice is to study the enemy's pattern well and be patient in attacking at the right moments. Once you have defeated this fearsome Lies of P boss, you will receive as a reward the Arm of God quest item and the Fallen One's Ergo (useful for obtaining weapons from one of the Lies of P merchants).

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Lies of P Simon Manus Awakened God: How to Beat it
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