Lies of P Robber Weasel: How to Beat it

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Lies of P Robber Weasel: How to Beat it

The Lies of P Robber Weasel is certainly not a very difficult boss to defeat, on the contrary. The hardest part is finding it, rather than dealing with it. In fact, some characters are well hidden and you will not be able to find them or you will not thoroughly search the entire game map. However, don't worry. In this article, in fact, we will not only show you the best way to defeat this boss, but we will also tell you exactly all the steps to follow to find it.

How to find Robber Weasel

First of all, let's start by saying Robber Weasel is located in the Krat Central Station. The fastest and easiest way to get to that area is to take the Barren Swamp Nest Stargazer as a reference point for your departure, which you will surely have unlocked while you were reaching the Owl Doctor. Once in that location, continue straight until you find a ladder. Use it and keep walking until you reach the end, where you can see a large green metallic door.

At this point, enter and follow the path until you reach another staircase. Go up and head to the right, so that you are in the Krat Central Station area, right near the train terminal. In the center of the room, you can peer at a stationary train with an open door leading to the other side. Go through the door and continue left. At this point, take the stairs and continue to the next Stargazer.

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From this position, go straight and, at the end of the room, you will find some boxes. Destroy them to reveal a secret passage. Go through this passage and follow the hallway to the end, until you find another staircase that will lead you down. Once here, pass the platform and enter the room that is right next to it. At this point, follow the stairs until you find yourself in a narrow corridor. Following this corridor you will find yourself in the room where Robber Weasel is located.

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How to beat Robber Weasel

Once you manage to find Robber Weasel, the most difficult part of the fight is actually over. In fact, the actual battle against this boss will not be very difficult, on the contrary. The moves that he will use during the fight are very basic, therefore it will not be at all difficult to dodge or parry his attacks. In addition to his ax attacks, Robber Weasel will also be able to throw knives at you, but both things shouldn't cause you much trouble.

As with any humanoid enemy, like, for example, White Lady, the best strategy to use, once again, is to get behind him or hit him from behind. By using this technique, in fact, you will be able to inflict significant damage on him which will greatly shorten the entire boss fight, as well as keeping you safer from his attacks, since if you are positioned behind him you cannot be hit.

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Although his moves are very simple and therefore do not inflict much damage, having an overly offensive approach is still something we do not recommend, as you will almost certainly be killed. Patience is key to any battle in Lies of P, so the one against Robber Weasel is certainly no exception. Be ready to parry and dodge, and then wait for the right moment to counterattack and land your shots.

Furthermore, using a more defensive strategy, at least at the beginning, will allow you to memorize his moves and will also allow you to understand the timing to use to parry and/or dodge. Robber Weasel, in fact, although he is not very dangerous, is still a very fast boss, so he could catch you off guard if you are not ready and attentive. Consequently, our advice is to always keep your concentration high and never underestimate your opponent.

Ultimately, once you have learned his movements and his moves, being able to avoid them will be quite simple, thus simplifying your life for the battle. Proceed calmly, without throwing yourself headlong, and you will see that you won't have many difficulties. Once you manage to defeat Robber Weasel you will receive the Robber Weasel's Mask and the Robber Weasel's Hunting Apparel as a reward for your Ergo efforts.

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Lies of P Robber Weasel: How to Beat it
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