Lies of P Owl Doctor: How to Beat it

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Lies of P Owl Doctor: How to Beat it

The Lies of P Owl Doctor is another optional boss that you can decide to defeat or not during your adventure. Despite this, our advice is always to also defeat the mini-bosses present in Lies of P, as they allow you to accumulate experience points to level up more quickly. For this reason, in this article, we will explain where to find it and how to defeat it.

How to find Owl Doctor

The first thing to know is how to find this Lies of P boss. Since it is not a mandatory boss for the continuation of the story, it may also be probable that you will not encounter it. For this reason, the first thing to know, even before knowing what strategy to use to defeat him, is to know where to find him.

Owl Doctor can be found in a small hut in Barren Swamp. Even just reaching this boss will not be a simple thing, as this area is very dangerous because it will inflict the Corruption state on you, so you will have to be quick and arm yourself with Pulse Cells and Purification Ampoules to try to get out of this place unscathed.

As for the exact location of the boss, you can find it in the far left part of the swamp. Our advice, therefore, is to immediately head in that direction, trying to stay away from the water and trying to pay attention to the enemies in the area. Whether to fight them or not is up to you, it depends on your way of playing.

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How to beat Owl Doctor

Once you have found the right place, it's time to start the fight with this Lies of P boss. Since he is a humanoid, you will have to use a strategy similar to the one you used for the Mad Donkey or any other type of boss like that. Also, keep in mind that his moves are limited, but at the same time they can be devastating, so avoiding them is your first concern.

Once the introductory dialogue has concluded, you will finally be able to get to the heart of this battle. The most important advice to follow to get the upper hand in this boss fight is to try at all costs to interrupt the Owl Doctor's combos, in order to create opportunities for you to counterattack. Otherwise, you will almost certainly be overwhelmed. The good thing, however, is that almost all of his attacks can be parried, so you simply need to study his moves to have good timing.

Pay particular attention to his Fury attack (when it turns red), as it is an attack that cannot be parried and will inflict a lot of damage if it hits you. In this case, the best strategy is to run away and wait for the boss to finish his attack to approach you again and continue the previous strategy. Furthermore, since it is a humanoid enemy, the strategy of positioning yourself behind him and hitting him from there to inflict greater damage is always valid.

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By making use of these precautions and using the type of strategy that we have illustrated, you should not have any particular difficulty in defeating the Owl Doctor. In conclusion, you just need to pay attention to his Fury attacks and parry his combos to have the chance to hit him and inflict damage. Once defeated, in addition to receiving a good amount of experience points, you will also receive the Owl Doctor's Mask, one of the Lies of P accessories that you can find during your adventure.

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Lies of P Owl Doctor: How to Beat it
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