Lies of P Parade Master: How to Beat it

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Lies of P Parade Master: How to Beat it

The Lies of P Parade Master boss is the first boss you will have to deal with once you have started your adventure in Lies of P. For this reason, at first glance, it might seem like a difficult boss to face, but the real difficulty lies in the fact that you are still new to the game, with many things to learn, when you are called to fight this enemy. In reality, however, Parade Master can be considered one of the easiest bosses to face, even simpler than his corrupted version, the Corrupted Parade Master, which you will face later.

How to beat Parade Master

Although this boss acts as a tutorial for players, there are still some things to pay attention to so as not to fall into the cycle of frustration. In fact, as we have already said, Parade Master is actually a fairly simple boss to face, but the fact that he is faced first can make things slightly more complicated, due to your inexperience with the game mechanics.

However, the purpose of this boss is precisely to test you and be able to use all the moves that you have learned up to that point and that you had only had the opportunity to try against normal enemies. The battles against the bosses are different and require a very precise and accurate strategy to be completed without too much trouble and, although it is the first boss to be defeated, even Parade Master is not exempt from this.

That said, to best tackle Parade Master you will have to learn his movements but, above all, you will have to become familiar with the perfect parry. This move, in fact, will be very useful during the game to face the most difficult bosses, as it allows you to charge the enemy's stagger gauge, which is essential if you want to stagger your opponent and take advantage of his situation to hit him by inflicting greater damage and without having the risk of being hit.

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Phase 1

Like most of the bosses in Lies of P, Parade Master also has a battle consisting of two different phases. His main attacks consist of slam and sweep attacks, but you will also have to pay attention to his speed. In fact, despite being a very large enemy, he is still fast, and this could create problems for you. However, you can use this to your advantage.

Once he finishes running around the arena, the Parade Master will be vulnerable, giving you the chance to attack him and inflict damage. Our advice, therefore, is to take advantage of these moments. However, always watch out for his dash attacks which are then followed by other melee attacks. At this point, avoid these attacks and move back before the boss comes back into action.

For this first phase, therefore, what we have just indicated is the most effective strategy that should be able to get you through this first part of the battle without too many difficulties. Consequently, make use of dodges and try to make the most of the cooldown periods between the various attacks, as these are the most opportune moments during which to land your attacks.

Phase 2

Once the boss has reached more or less 50% of his life, the second phase of the battle will begin. This phase will be more difficult to deal with, so you will have to be even more vigilant and careful. You will notice the beginning of this new phase because Parade Master will remove his cage from his back and launch himself towards the ground. This is when the second phase of the duel will begin. Furthermore, he will detach his head to attach it to a stick, so that it becomes his main weapon for this phase.

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Although this new weapon is quite dangerous, the boss's weakness remains the same, as does its pattern which will not see drastic changes. Also in this case, our advice is to keep your distance and wait for the boss to use his dash attack, even if in this case it will be slightly different. As soon as this attack ends, Parade Master will try to pull off two sweeping attacks, one from the right and one from the left. The best thing to do in this case is to dodge both attacks and then hit the enemy before retreating.

As happened in the first phase, our advice in the second too is not to throw yourself headlong into the battle, especially because now it will be more complex to face. Consequently, always refer to the strategy we have described to you, to try to minimize the moments in which you can take damage, in order to try to get the better of this Lies of P boss. Once defeated, you will receive the Parade Leader's Ergo, a Quartz, and some Ergo as a reward.

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Lies of P Parade Master: How to Beat it
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