Lies of P Nameless Puppet: How to Beat it

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Lies of P Nameless Puppet: How to Beat it

The Lies of P Nameless Puppet boss is technically a secret and optional boss, which you will not be forced to fight, although everything depends on the final choice you make. Once Simon Manus is defeated, you will meet Geppetto. During the conversation with this character, you will have the possibility to choose two dialogue options (as we explained in our Lies of P endings article). If you choose to refuse his proposal, this will trigger this boss fight which, although not very easy to deal with, is certainly not among the most complex ones.

How to beat Nameless Puppet

As you know by now, having reached the end of the game and ready to unlock its true ending, the battle against the Lies of P Nameless Puppet also consists of two distinct phases. In this article, therefore, we will show you in detail everything you will have to do to be able to prevail against this boss in each of the two phases, in order to make this battle a little easier for you to deal with.

Phase 1

Luckily for you, the Nameless Puppet is an enemy similar to other bosses you've encountered throughout the game, so most of its moves won't be anything new to you. Consequently, use this prior knowledge as your advantage during the battle and you will find that you will have less difficulty facing this Lies of P boss.

During the first phase, the boss will essentially use his sword to attack you, making use of some very fast combos. In this case, the strategy to use is to learn the timing of this type of attacks, well in order to parry them. Furthermore, sometimes, the boss will transform his sword into a more powerful version. In this case, our advice is to dodge the blows or try to parry them to open up a good attack window.

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Ultimately, for this first phase, our general advice is to have a more defensive approach and be patient. Try to always stay on the move and wait for the right moments to land your shots, without too much haste. Also, try not to get too far from the boss, as he has an ability that allows him to heal himself, just like you, so try to avoid having your efforts to hit you be wasted by the use of a Pulse Cell.

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Phase 2

The second phase of the battle is undoubtedly the most difficult, due to the fact that Geppetto is no longer in control of the Nameless Puppet. The thing you will immediately notice is the fact that the enemy will be much faster than before and his combos, consequently, will be more difficult to parry and/or dodge. Also, be careful if the boss rises into the air, as he will be preparing to carry out an attack that will damage you badly if you are not ready to avoid it.

Another type of attack that he will use in this second phase of the battle are energy waves. Our advice is to try to block them, as avoiding them is not a very simple thing to do. However, you will have to pay particular attention when the boss joins his two swords together, as he will try to hit you with a long combo that will be really difficult to avoid. Timing is really the key here.

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As for long-range attacks, however, the Nameless Puppet has two available in its arsenal. The first is a grab, so you will have to be very careful to dodge it so as not to get caught. The second, however, consists of the use of a spear that will fire out a beam and then a thrust. Therefore, always stay alert and try to avoid both attacks.

In conclusion, the most effective strategy in this phase, as for the first, is to hit the Nameless Puppet only when there are cooldown periods between one attack and another. At any other time, in fact, it will be very difficult to do so and you will only end up taking damage (and dying). However, even by adopting this approach, it is still not easy to dodge or parry all of his attacks, as they are very fast and long, so get some Pulse Cells before starting this fight.

In any case, if you manage to score perfect guards in a row, you will cause the enemy's stagger bar to fill up more and more, until he actually enters this state. That will be the best moment to vent your fury and attack the Nameless Puppet. Once you defeat this Lies of P boss, you will get the Nameless Puppet's Ergo as a reward, as well as the possibility of unlocking the true ending.

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Lies of P Nameless Puppet: How to Beat it
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