Lies of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood: How to Beat it

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Lies of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood: How to Beat it

The Lies of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood is a particular boss fight against three enemies at the same time (and then against the resurrected version of the Eldest) that you will have to face if you want to continue with the story. The fight itself and the strategy to use is not very different from the one you used to defeat the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood previously, the biggest difference is that here you will have to fight against all three enemies at the same time.

How to beat Black Rabbit Brotherhood

Like most of the battles in Lies of P, the one against the Black Rabbit Brotherhood is also made up of two different phases. Since this will be a similar battle to the one you had previously, you might think that this one will be easier, but that's actually not the case. The fact that all three of the Eldest's henchmen must be faced at the same time makes the boss fight complex enough, so much so that it has earned a place in our list of the Lies of P hardest bosses.

Phase 1

During the first phase, you will have to deal with all three Eldest henchmen at the same time. Since you will be in a disadvantageous position, our first piece of advice is to summon a ghost that can certainly be useful to you during the battle, at least to distract the enemies and try to take advantage of their distraction to hit them. Despite this, the more adventurous can also opt to tackle this phase alone (however manageable if you know what to do), but this will make it take you longer.

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In this phase, therefore, you will have to defeat all three enemies. Although they have the same weapons as the previous battle, this time they will be modified to also inflict environmental damage, namely Overheat, Decay, and Electric Shock. Consequently, our advice, in addition to trying to avoid their blows as much as possible, is to equip items that create resistance to this type of element.

Despite these not very encouraging premises, don't be too scared by the fact of having to deal with three enemies at the same time. In fact, the boss fight has been created in such a way that only one of them attacks you aggressively at a time, while the others will slow down and stand back. In this way, therefore, you will have to worry about countering the attacks of one enemy at a time, which is certainly more than welcome. Sometimes, however, they will also try to hit you, but you will still have plenty of time to avoid their attacks.

Furthermore, it is also important to underline that these three members of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood continue to retain the characteristics of basic enemies, and being humanoid enemies, you can make use of the technique of positioning yourself behind them and hitting them from that position to inflict greater damage. Ultimately, our advice is to focus on one of them and eliminate it completely. At this point, hit the other two until they run out of health. Kill one and then immediately the second, so that you only have to fight the Eldest in the second phase.

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Phase 2

Once the second version of the Eldest is in the game arena, all you have to do is adopt the same strategy you used to defeat him the first time. Consequently, our advice is to stay away from him so as not to be hit by his melee attacks. When he decides to use combos, simply run away and wait for his attack to end. The best time to land your attacks is right after the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood lands his overhead and jumping attacks. At this point, in fact, you will have the opportunity to counterattack and inflict a good amount of damage.

Although the attacks are mostly the same, you will also have to pay attention to a new attack that has been added to his arsenal just for this fight. When you see that his arm turns blue, it means that this Lies of P boss is ready to unleash an attack that releases a wave of energy directly from his sword. To avoid this attack, we advise you to either hide behind one of the obstacles that are present in the arena, or to dodge it by rolling towards his direction.

Ultimately, for this second phase of the battle, all you have to do is follow the same strategy you used previously against the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood and only pay attention to the new small variations that are present in this boss fight. Once you have dealt the final blow to the Eldest and defeated him, you will receive an Ergo and a Quartz as a reward.

lies of p black rabbit brotherhood

Lies of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood: How to Beat it
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