Lies of P Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood: How to Beat it

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Lies of P Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood: How to Beat it

The Lies of P Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood boss can be considered one of the most difficult to face. The difficulty of this boss fight lies above all in the fact that you have to fight against multiple enemies at the same time, so you will have to be vigilant and attentive for the entire duration of the fight. With the right strategy, however, you will be able to complete this fight, even if you will have to rely a lot on your skills and timing.

How to beat the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood

Unlike the other main boss fights, this one does not consist of two real different phases. During the battle, you will be called to fight against four different opponents, each of whom can put you in difficulty, not just their boss. However, the most important one is obviously the Eldest, the only one of the four who actually needs to be killed. Consequently, our advice is to focus on him, without forgetting about others.

His attacks are mostly characterized by horizontal and vertical strikes which he will combine in ever-changing ways to create combos that are difficult to predict and therefore parry. However, as usual, just pay attention to his movements. In fact, when you see that the boss will bring his huge sword behind him, it means that he will be in a disadvantaged position. At this point, you can use this moment to hit him.

The best time to attack the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood is when he uses his overhead swig. In this case, he will remain in this position for a long time, giving you the opportunity to hit him and inflict a lot of damage. However, be aware that this attack is wide-ranging and is often followed by three slams ending with a Fury attack. In this case, you can either decide to dodge the attacks or run away and stand at a safe distance. The choice is yours.

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Another time you can decide to attack the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood is when he uses his spinning slash. You can recognize this attack because he will raise his sword to chest level, and then start spinning around to try to hit you. To avoid this attack, all you have to do is move continuously, this way he won't be able to hit you. Once his combo is finished, he will have a cooldown period during which you can get close to hit him.

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However, as we said at the beginning of this article, there will also be three other enemies during the course of the battle. The good news is that they won't all enter combat at the same time, but one at a time whenever you have removed more or less 25% of the main boss' health. Furthermore, these enemies are actually simple to deal with, slightly more powerful than the basic enemies, but their job is to distract you from the main boss. Consequently, our advice is to keep an eye on them, but without focusing too much on them.

The strategy we recommend you use, if they get close enough to hit them, is to avoid or parry their attacks. By doing so you will also be able to stagger them and therefore dedicate yourself to the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood. In any case, try by all means never to be cornered either by the Eldest or by one of these other enemies, as that way you will be at a disadvantage and with little space to avoid their blows. Try to always stay in the center of the arena and move as much as possible.

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These smaller enemies are very fast, so they will try to get close when the Eldest is on his cooldown. Here you will have to decide whether to give them a few blows, or get closer to the Eldest to hit him. Whatever you choose, be careful not to take damage. Furthermore, for completeness, we also indicate the order in which these enemies will join the fight and their attacks.

The first to enter the arena is the sister. She will be equipped with a sword and she will attack you with very fast combos. The second to join will be the bucket head. This enemy will charge at you from afar with his spear and try to hit you from afar. Finally, the third to join will be the red scarf. This enemy has a curved blade that he can use to grab you and pull off combos.

To try to simplify your life by distracting the siblings of the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, you can consider summoning a specter. However, it won't always be very useful, as it won't take long for it to die. Once you have killed the siblings, it will be just you with the Eldest, and therefore adopting the strategies we have indicated before will be easier. Once you defeat this boss, you will receive a Resplendent Ergo Chunk and the Taunt Expression as a reward. Also, don't forget to collect the Quartz found in their hideout right behind the boss fight arena.

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Lies of P Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood: How to Beat it
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