Lethal Company Version 47 Notes: Thumper Reworked, Server Tag System Arrives

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Lethal Company Version 47 Notes: Thumper Reworked, Server Tag System Arrives

Developer Zeekers has dropped the Lethal Company Version 47 Update right before the Holidays and it contains numerous bug fixes along with new weekly challenge moons.

Thumpers have received a rework in the newest Lethal Company update, and they’re now slightly harder to kill. Hitting the thumper will no longer slow them down to a snail speed. To kill a thumper now, you’ll have to sidestep their charge, and let the Thumper slam into the wall. Hit him with a combo and then repeat the same process. They’re however, easier to escape and get away from. Also, spider’s have been slightly buffed, and now have the ability to shoot 6 or 9 webs. Their ability to place webs also has less of a cooldown, but it shouldn’t affect the suvivability.

Also upon dying, the player walkie talkie usually goes into a plain static for other teammates. Shovels are somewhat heavier, and they weight 8lbs now in the game. The shovel has a damage range of 1.85 now instead of 1.4. This will make landing hits on thumpers pretty easier.

 Lethal Company Version 47 Update Adds Server Tag System

With the latest update, players will be able to find what kind of lobby they want – newbies who’ve just installed the game or casual – through the addition of a new server tag system. The introduction of lobby tag lets people who host a specific server game add tags to their game. Players can search for any server that they want. Just look up for the server with the specific in the list, and you’ll find the server. Tags such as ‘18 or higher’, “fresh players’, can be searched for, or a specific server that you want. There are however, smaller new changes incorprated into the gaem with the latest update. Forest giants can now longer be drawn to yourself with the horn.

“I released Version 47 which is mostly a bug fix patch but has the new weekly challenge moons feature + tags for lobbies, which makes them visible only if you enter the tag on the server list. I am trying out releasing this update on the “public_beta” branch on Steam first so it can be tried out.’’ said game developer Zeekers in the official Lethal Company discord.

Lethal Company Version 47 Update Weekly Challenge Moons

This update adds a new mode called Weekly Challenge Moon. A weekly challenge moon is a randomly generated moon that will last for a week, and players need to go play it to rank up on the leaderboard. Once you enable the setting to play a weekly challenge moon, you can only play on that moon. Players are however, allowed to play on a different moon only after disabling the setting.

The challenge moon will have the same seed for everyone, meaning all the loot will be in the same place for every player who has enabled this setting. Upon finishing a single run in the challenge moon, you can view your score and rank in the leaderboard. The leaderboard is available to view in the main menu and you can compare your rank to your friends. The game also allows players to remove their rank from the leaderboard if they think their performance was ‘substandard’ or for any other reason.

You begin the moon with a lot of credits, allowing to purchase all the necessary items to hoard as much scrap as you can. The first run on the moon is the only run that will count on the leaderboard, and all the other following runs count as practice, i.e they no longer affect your rank on the leaderboard. The first run is all that truly has, collect as much as loot as you can.

Players should note that getting a low score than your friend or anyone else isn’t a true measure of your in-game skill or potential, as there are countless mods that give players an unfair amount of advantage.

How to Install Lethal Company Version 47

Players need to know that developer Zeekers hasn’t released the new update for all live servers. The version 47 update is only available in beta, and fans who wish to enjoy the new update need to participate in the beta and then install the v47 build.

  • Access Lethal Company in the Steam library.
  • Right-click the title, select ‘Properties', then ‘Beta'.
  • Click on  ‘public_beta' to participate in the Public Beta
  • The beta will start to install on your PC automatically. Players should note that this may not function with mods.
  • To check if you’ve successfully installed the game, look for a ‘v47' in the bottom left corner of the game.

Lethal Company v47 update is live on beta servers as of Friday, December 22.

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