Lethal Company Tools Explained

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Lethal Company Tools Explained

Learn everything there is to learn about Lethal Company Tools. How to use them, when to use them, and more importantly how to unlock them all.

Have you been playing and enjoying Lethal Company as of late and find the entire system around its items and ship upgrades confusing? Then don't worry, we have a complete list of all the tools and upgrades as well as a detailed breakdown of what they do and how to best use them. So lets get out there and be someone.

What are Tools?

To boil it down, tools are tools that you can purchase at any time from the terminal inside your home base. You only need to interact with it and type the command store to bring up the menu. From here on out you can access all the tools and upgrades and purchase them, just keep in mind that you will have to pay for them upfront and they will forever be lost when lost.

You can also purchase multiple of the same item by typing the desired quantity in front of the item name.

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Lethal Company Tools

Here is a quick rundown of all the tools as well as their functions.

Walkie-talkie – 12 Credits

If you're using proximity voice chat (which you should) the Walkie-talkie turns into an essential tool that can ensure the well-being of you and your friends. By pressing Q you can turn it on and the left-click allows you to talk with your friends over great distances.

It's best used to coordinate with your team, especially when you have someone back at the base watching the monitors. A must-have for every company man.

Flashlight – 15 Credits

The normal Flashlight is a very useful tool in Lethal Company. To no one's surprise, the Flashlight produces light for a limited amount of time, helping you navigate the shadows of the facility. Just be aware that the standard flashlight has a five-hour battery life which you can recharge at the home base.

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Shovel – 30 Credits

The Shovel is arguably the most useful weapon in Lethal Company. For the low price of 30 credits, you get your one-kill solution for monsters. Snare fleas and bracken take three hits, hoarding bugs four, and bunker spiders and thumpers require 6. Just be aware that it'll snag up an additional inventory slot.

Lockpicker – 20 Credits

The Lockpicker lets you open any door without needing to find a key. That way you can skip some of the nastier parts of a facility and focus on what is important; survival and loot.

Pro-flashlight – 25 Credits

The Pro-flashlight can do everything the Flashlight can do but better. Its light shines brighter and its battery lasts for seven ingame hours instead of 5. For the 10 extra credits, it is definitely worth the investment as long as you can guarantee you're coming back with it.

Stun grenade – 40 Credits

The Stun grenade is your only way to stop some of the evil unkillable creatures you'll encounter out in the wild. If you plan to make a run from the facility back to your home base in the middle of the night, this is your go-to to ensure safe passage. Doesn't work all the time but you'll be thankful when it does.

Boombox – 60 Credits

The Boombox is either a practical joke by the developers of Lethal Company or its greatest asset yet. Turning it on will blast loud music which can attract monsters. You can plop it down at the corner of a facility or in the wilds in the hope of creating enough of a commotion to slip by undetected. Success is not guaranteed.

TZP-Inhalant – 120 Credits

This item provides a temporary boost to your speed and carrying capacity. But be careful, overusing it will cause side effects and increase your vulnerability.

Zap gun – 400 Credits

The Zap gun is currently the only way to take on some of the bigger monsters haunting the Lethal Company it lets you stun and sometimes even make certain monsters vulnerable to additional attacks. the price is steep but think of it as a long-term investment.

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Jetpack – 700 Credits

While being a bit heavy, the Jetpack is another essential tool for exploration and safe passage. It lets you clear large gaps with no problem and is extremely useful when trying to dodge some of the monsters stalking the wild. It does take some practice to be efficient with, so be careful before spending big.

Extension ladder – 60 Credits

The Extension ladder allows you to create makeshift bridges to cross gaps or make your way up a hill easier. Simply equip it and plot it down with a left click to let it work its magic. Careful though the unfolding ladder can and will kill your fellow companyman.

Radar-booster – 50 Credits

The Radar Booster is an essential tool that lets you mark the entrance of a facility. You do need someone back at the home base to keep an eye on the monitor to use it though, but having it allows you to bring your comrades back. Hopefully safe and sound.

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Lethal Company Ship Upgrades

And here are all the Ship Upgrades you can purchase in Lethal Company.

Teleporter – 375 Credits

The teleporter allows players to retrieve other players and bring them back to the home base. But the big downside is that once teleported, the transported player will use all their items so it's most useful to get someone back or retrieve a body to soften the blow to your finances.

Inverse Teleporter – 425 Credits

The Inverse Teleporter of Lethal Company does exactly the opposite of the Teleporter. It will teleport a player to a random spot in the nearby facility, only downside is that you can't take any items with you. Useful if you want to get a leg up and scout things out but often not worth the risk.

Loud Horn – 150 Credits

The Loud Horn sounds like another one of those joke items at first but its usefulness should not be underplayed. You can configure it to either sound the alarm if something is near the home base or have it ring out after 6 PM to guide your team back home.

And that sums up everything you need to know about Lethal Company, its tools, and upgrades to the ship. For more on the fast-rising indie title, check out our guides to Monsters and what is in store for you when playing.

Lethal Company Tools Explained
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