Lethal Company Thumper: How To Survive And Kill It

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Lethal Company Thumper: How To Survive And Kill It

There are many terrifying creatures in Lethal Company and the Thumper is one of them. Hence, here is how to survive against it and kill it properly

Lethal Company is a viral co-op survival indie horror game that was published on October 24, 2023, by the developer, Zeekeerss and it is currently in early access. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic and retrofuturistic dystopian world where an anonymous corporate organization named the “Company” hires players on a contract to explore abandoned and industrialized moons to collect scraps for sale and meet a profit quota every 3 days. During these exploration adventures on the moons, players have to face many dangerous creatures, which range from entirely harmless, almost comical creatures to instant one-hit killers. 

One such terrifying creature that can be found only inside the facility on the different moons is the Thumper. It is one of the most terrifying creatures that can be found in the game and when you encounter it, you need to pretty much run for your life or kill it. In that case, what exactly is this dangerous creature and how do you even survive against it? Keep reading to learn everything you need about the Thumper in Lethal Company and how to kill it without dying yourself.

Thumper in Lethal Company

Lethal Company Thumper: How To Survive And Kill It
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The Thumper is a horrifying monster in Lethal Company that can be found roaming the halls inside the facility on a moon. It mostly spawns in the high-tier moons in the game, with its favorite one to spawn in being March with a rarity level of 74 for it, the second moon in the Intermediate or 2nd Tier of moons. This is because it is a deadly creature with a percentage of 90% on Sigurd’s danger level. 

Here are some other details about the creature: 

  • HP/Health: 4 (shovel hits)
  • Stun Time Multiplier: 1
  • Zap Gun Maintenance Multiplier: 0.5 
  • Door Opening Speed Multiplier: 0.3

The monster looks like a shark with legs, but instead of legs it only has arms sticking out of its body. For this reason, it just looks like a huge shark head with arms sticking out which he uses to crawl around the facility at an insane speed. It gets its name from the thumping noise it makes while crawling and the fact that they eat their own legs after hatching to escape their hatched eggshell, gruesome to say the least. This creature is also deaf and relies solely on its sight to target and kill its victims. The longer the creature moves after its target, the more speed it gains against the player.

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It targets a single player from far away and then runs them at an insane speed after giving a loud growl as a warning, chomping them to death in one hit depending on the victim’s movement. If you can break the line of sight with it, however, you can juke it and run away because the creature slows down when turning. You can also kill it in a pretty clever way if you follow the proper strategy, thanks to the Lethal Company Version 47 rework even though it removed the way where getting on top of a railing would block the Thumper’s hits and you could hit it with a shovel to kill it.

Hence, keep on reading to find out how to survive and kill the creature.

How to Survive and Kill the Thumper in Lethal Company

Despite being a creature with insane speed, the Thumper can be escaped thanks to its few weaknesses. It can also be killed if you follow the proper strategy and have the skills plus the proper timing to execute it. There are only two ways to survive the creature which include breaking the line of sight for 8 to 12 seconds and then running the hell out of the facility or running to a safe place. You can also use a stun grenade to temporarily slow the creature down and then run away from it. As for killing the Thumper, you need to have proper timing, great skill and suitable placement to successfully kill it. 

Hence, here is how to survive against the Thumper in Lethal Company using both ways given step by step below: 

  • Step 1: As soon as you spot the Thumper in your vicinity and hear the audio cue warning, which is a loud growl, run for your damn life to a place where you can break the line of sight with the creature for at least 8 to 12 seconds.

  • Step 2: Here, you can either choose to keep running until you reach an area where the thumping noise from the creature has faded away, which means you are safe or another option that you can opt for is to keep running until you get to the nearest exit and get out of the facility altogether. 

As for killing the Thumper, here is how to kill it without dying yourself in the process of doing so: 

  • Step 1: As soon as you spot the Thumper in your vicinity and hear the audio cue warning, which is a loud growl and your vision goes all blurry, stand your ground and get your shovel ready instantly.

  • Step 2: When the creature starts running towards you, angle yourself towards a wall and wait till it gets close enough, then jump over it and let it hit the wall, which will make it falter and stop for a brief moment.

  • Step 3: At that moment where it falters, hit it with a shovel once and run to the nearest wall to repeat the same action as earlier.

  • Step 4: Keep repeating this dilly-dallying back and forth process until the creature dies, which should take only 4 shovel hits. 

With that, you know both ways on how to survive against the Thumper. It is a very dangerous creature but if you are confident in your movement skills and timing, we wholeheartedly encourage you to go for it. 

You can also use a stun grenade or zap gun on it and in the time frame where the creature is frozen or stunned, go in with your teammates and a shovel or stop sign, attacking rapidly to kill it within 3 to 4 hits. One thing to note is that timing and coordination is key when it comes to this, so make sure to have effective communication between you and your teammates when you choose this process of eliminating the Thumper.


Needless to say, the Thumper might look like a creepy crawly from afar that you can easily jump over and leave but it is in reality a deadly creature who is targeting you and can chomp you to death in 3 bites with its powerful jaw. Hence, make sure to read up on all the information given above about this creature and escape or kill this crawler to continue your exploration journey on the moon safely. Make sure to check out our all creatures' spawn rates in Lethal Company guide for information on all the spawn rates of each moon in the game and stay tuned for more such Lethal Company content in the future!

Lethal Company Thumper: How To Survive And Kill It
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