Lethal Company Masked: What It Is This Terrifying Monster?

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Lethal Company Masked: What It Is This Terrifying Monster?

With the new update to Lethal Company came the new monster, the Masked, a terrifying monster. However, what exactly is this entity?

Lethal Company is a very viral co-op survival indie horror game that was published on October 24, 2023, by the developer, Zeekeerss and the game is currently in early access. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic and retrofuturistic dystopian world. An anonymous corporate organization named the “Company” hires players on a contract to explore abandoned and industrialized moons to collect scraps for sale and meet a profit quota every 3 days. During these exploration adventures on the moons, players come across many different scrap items that they have to collect and bring back to the ship.

Some new scrap items that can be found in the game after the new update are the Comedy and Tragedy Mask, which are one of the only interactable scrap items. However, not only is it a scrap that you can interact with but it can also kill you and turn your body into a dangerous entity. Hence, what exactly is this creepy and terrifying monster and how do you survive against it? Keep on reading to find out all about the Masked in Lethal Company.

Masked in Lethal Company

Lethal Company Masked: What It Is This Terrifying Monster?
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As mentioned earlier, the Masked is an entity that spawns from the new interactable scrap items in the game, the Tragedy and Comedy Mask. However, this entity can also spawn on its own in the moons as well. The monster looks like a regular player or Company employee, but with a Comedy Mask on. The mask looks like a traditional Theater mask made of ceramic, in the typical porcelain white color with a wide grin on the mouth socket and has smiling or upturned eye sockets. This makes the entity very creepy to look at or encounter inside or outside the facility, to say the least. It is even more confusing when the entity laughs sometimes in a deep voice.

Now, how does the Masked spawn in the game? When a player picks up the mask in the game, they have the option to put it on their face and once they do, within 5 seconds there is a 65% chance that they will be possessed. Other than that, the monster spawns on its own based on the spawn chance and rarity level on a moon. As for how the monster operates, the monster has 3 different states: Roaming, Pursuing and Ambush. The states are explained below in detail:

  • Roaming State: The monster just roams the facility idly, looking for a player to pursue. They will run randomly or walk randomly, trying to mimic a player to appear normal on the monitor or radar. They also spin in circles, trying to mimic the signal that most players use to ask for a teleport back to the ship.
  • Pursuit State: The monster spots a player and begins pursuing them, sometimes walking and sometimes running. Once close enough, they stop at stare at their target for 2 to 5 seconds before attacking them and vomiting blood all over their face to turn them into a monster.
  • Ambush State: The monster exits the facility and starts making its way over to the ship to hide in a corner. They look for an inconspicuous spot inside the ship and hide there, to ambush the first player inside the ship and take over their body.
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Here are some other details about the monster:

  • HP/Health: 5 (Shovel hits)
  • Stun Time Multiplier: 0.75
  • Zap Gun Maintenance Multiplier: 1.3
  • Door Opening Speed Multiplier: 2

Spawn Rates of the Masked

This monster cannot spawn on most moons in the game and can only spawn naturally on 2 Hard or Tier 3 moons. Hence, here are the spawn rates of the Masked monster on the moons in Lethal Company:

Moon Name

Rarity Level





How to Survive against the Masked

As terrifying as the Masked is, it is a monster that can be killed and stunned. For this reason, you can easily survive against it if you stay calm and go about killing it strategically. The monster only has 5 Health, so you just need to hit it with a shovel 5 times. You can even loop around it because it runs out of stamina just like normal players. Hence, here is how to survive against the monster in Lethal Company:

Solo Survival

Here is how to survive against the monster if you’re playing solo:

  • Step 1: As soon as you spot a Masked nearby, prepare your Shovel and get yourself ready to beat it down.
  • Step 2: When the monster comes up to you and stares at you for 2 to 5 seconds, use that time to beat it with a Shovel.
  • Step 3: As the Shovel swings have a 1 second cooldown, when the monster moves towards you, walk backward or sideways and continue beating it until it dies and falls back on the ground.
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Team Survival

Here is how to survive against the monster if you’re playing in a team:

  • Step 1: As soon as you spot a Masked nearby, alert your teammates and ask them to prepare their Shovels.
  • Step 2: When the monster comes up to you, stand still for the duration of the time it stares you and then begin looping it around to give your teammates time to kill it.


  • Step 1: When the monster comes up to you, have a teammate stun it with a Zap gun or Stun Grenade.
  • Step 2: As the monster becomes stunned, have your teammate beat it down with a Shovel as it only takes 5 hits.

With that, you’re done surviving against the Masked! It is quite an easy process regardless of whether you’re alone or playing in a team. Keep in mind that this monster also has a window during the killing animation in which the player being possessed can be killed with a Shovel to avoid turning into an impostor. When a player is grabbed by the monster, a successful teleport can also save them from turning into an impostor.


Needless to say, once you’re done reading this article, you will definitely be very cautious when you pick up the mask in the game, or it will be haunting your dreams. Not only is it a terrifying experience when the mask possesses your body and begins controlling it, but it also is very dangerous for the other players in the lobby because the entity can get out of the facility and get on the ship. We are sure that seeing an entity that looks like your teammate but with a grinning mask on coming at you with their hands outstretched is a traumatic experience. Especially traumatic when it grabs you and kills you, making you into an impostor as well.

Hence, make sure to check out all of the information given above to learn about the Masked monster in the game. Also, check out our guides on the Tragedy Mask and Comedy Mask to know all about the masks in the game and their spawn rates. Stay tuned for more such guides from ESTNN in the future!

Lethal Company Masked: What It Is This Terrifying Monster?
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