LEC 2023 Spring Split Teams Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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LEC 2023 Spring Split Teams Guide: Everything You Need to Know

The complete guide for the LEC 2023 Spring Split teams.

With the new LEC format nearing mid-season invitationals, its important more than ever to know who everyone is. Players regularly change teams between splits, so it can be pretty tough to keep track. Knowing this, we've collated everything you need to stay updated on EMEA's top 10 teams in this simple-to-follow guide. Here we list down details about each of the top 10, as well as their latest rosters. Follow along as one of the best leagues in the world make their way to the 2023 Worlds Stage.

The LEC 2023 format was changed a lot this year. After adding another split to its tournament structure, the LEC superweeks have seen faster games and a ton more action. With these changes, the LEC will now have Winter, Spring, and Summer splits before the year ends with the Season Finals. Every split in the LEC consists of a Regular Season, where 10 teams will fight in best-of-one (bo1) matches to get into the top 8. Afterwards, the remaining teams will move on to the Group Stage bo3's to split the number of remaining teams by half. Finally, the last 4 teams will play in a bo5's double-bracket for Playoffs until 2 teams clash in the Split Finals.

The winners from the Winter and Spring split will compete at MSI 2023. Each roster earns championship points based on where they're placed at the end of every split. In the Season Finals, the Split champions will face off against the 3 highest scoring teams for the #1 Seed spot in Worlds 2023.


The 2023 Spring Split is a highlight for the future of the EMEA league. The new kids on the block are now getting their turn at the LEC stage. Where teams like G2 and Fnatic once stood at the top, SK Gaming and Astralis, two relatively new LEC teams, have shown excellent plays so far. The latest split has already seen tremendous upsets, and those were only in the Regular season. Without further ado, here's everything you need to know about the teams in the LEC.

LEC 2023 Spring Teams

Astralis 2023 Spring Split Roster

What started as a Danish organization in 2016 has grown to own one of the world’s biggest League of Legends rosters in EMEA. Back in 2020, the Astralis brand went through a major rebrand and absorbed Origen’s League of Legends team. The young roster only has 3 years under their belt, but they have continued to hold their ground against industry giants and are seeing a major upward trend for wins and overall success in the Rift.

The team recently benched Dajorlol for LIDER for the Spring Split. The Norwegian mid-laner has long favored carry champs such as Yasuo and Zedd and placed 8th in the 2023 LCS Summer split with the Golden Guardians. So far, Astralis’ newest roster addition has had outstanding returns, with the Danish team exiting Week 1 of Spring 2-1. A far cry from their performance in the Winter split.

Head Coach AoD
Assistant Coach Jandro
Top Finn
Jungler 113
Middle LIDER
Bot Kobbe
Support JeongHoon

Excel Esports 2023 Spring Split Roster

One of the founding teams in the LEC, EXCEL is a competitive esports gaming brand. Formed back in 2014, it's League of Legends roster has qualified for the LEC since 2019, and has slowly rose in placements over the years. The British team relies on careful positioning and keen map awareness to always get a trade on skirmishes.

For Spring, XL recruited new Support specialist Dino “LIMIT” Tot to strengthen their roster. LIMIT has been competing in the LEC since 2020. His last win last year landed him in 10th place when he played with SK Gaming.

Despite Excel Esports boasting one of the LEC's strongest top-lane players, the team has found little success in the Regular season so far. The Spring Split is already in full-swing, which means the pressure is on for their new head coach Hidon. Will Excel find a way to optimize their team's synergy to qualify for future stages?

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Head Coach Hidon
Top Odoamne
Jungler Xerxe
Middle Vetheo
Bot Patrik
Support LIMIT

Fnatic 2023 Spring Split Roster

What was arguably one of the LEC's greatest teams has fallen on tough times. Last Winter Split, the team wasn't able to advance to the Group Stage for the first time in the organization's history. Even still, many diehard fans root for the black-and-orange team, and look forward to the team being restored to their former glory.

As a consequence to their recent performance, a big overhaul was expected. Recently, Fnatic recruited two fresh faces to it's main League roster. Namely, Óscar “Oscarinin” Muñoz Jiménez and Henk “Advienne” Reijenga. Both players earned good stats while playing for the organization's academy league, so hopes were high.

Looking at the present situation however, it looks like FNC's experiment isn't yielding great results. Fostering new talent can't be easy when you're going against titans like Vitality and G2 Esports. The Regular Season isn't over yet, so all bets are still off! Can Nightshare, a coach lauded for his work with the Czechs, find the wrench that's been hindering Fnatic's performance so badly?

Head Coach Nightshare
Assistant Coach Hiiva
Top Oscarinin
Jungler Razork
Middle Humanoid
Bot Rekkles
Support Advienne

G2 Esports 2023 Spring Split Roster

One of the powerhouses currently leading in the race for the Worlds #1 Seed Spot. G2 Esports has seen tremendous success in the LEC so far. From consistently placing amongst the top teams to winning the Winter split, this Germany-based organization is a team you should definitely keep an eye on.

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Not seeing any reason to make changes to it's player roster, the team has retained all 5 League professionals for the Spring Split. Looking at their match results, they've done plenty good so far. G2 Esports only lost to top teams like MAD and VIT in the previous split. This time around they've managed to absolutely dominate everyone except Astralis, whose win potential shouldn't be taken for granted.

But they're plenty confident in their own capabilities as well. In the Winter Split, G2 members appeared on the top of the leaderboard for in-game statistics. Fasterst average game time, most solo kills and highest average kills were some of the categories topped by G2 Esports members (BrokenBlade, Hans Sama and Yike respectively).

Head Coach Dylan Falco

Top BrokenBlade
Jungler Yike
Middle Caps
Bot Hans Sama
Support Mikyx

KOI 2023 Spring Split Roster

As of last year, Rogue formally merged with KOI, leading to KOI representing both organizations in the 2023 LEC season.

KOI retained the same members going into the LEC's second split of the season, and so far the Spanish organization has seen middling results in terms of match wins. It should be noted however that KOI has only lost to stronger teams so far, such as MAD Lions and Astralis.

With all that in mind, the effort, patience and macroplay that they've honed in scrims has really started to show. Other teams have much to learn from KOI's teamfight strategies. That said, small improvements are better than none at all.

Head Coach fredy122
Assistant Coach Arvindir

Top Szygenda
Jungler Malrang
Middle Larssen
Bot Comp
Support Trymbi

MAD Lions 2023 Spring Split Roster

Tying records with the likes of G2 Esports, this proud team has gone the distance in the LEC. Established in 2017, this Spanish organization has placed in the top 5 spots in the LEC and has even made it to the Worlds Stage. Getting 2nd place after climbing up the playoffs bracket in the Winter Split, the MAD Lions are licking their chops for a win in the spring.

MAD also made no changes to its roster for the Spring split. And knowing what they were able to accomplish last time, why would you? 4 of the MAD Lions were given All-Pro Team Awards back in March 8. On top of that, Nisqy mid-lane mastery allowed him to score the highest total number of kills AND solo kills (a statistic tie shared with teammate Chasy) in the Winter Split. Just an extremely formidable team amidst EMEA champions.

The lions have seen a slow start to their best-of-10's series, leaving a lot of us wondering if the Winter Split champs have lost their touch. Not very likely, seeing as their second loss was to Vitality, who is arguably the strongest team in the LEC right now. However, if you factor in the win potential of some of these teams, it won't be much of a surprise if MAD Lions finds a way to eventually bounce back.

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Head Coach Mac
Assistant Coach Achuu

Top South Chasy
Jungler Elyoya
Middle Nisqy
Bot Carzzy
Support Hylissang

SK Gaming 2023 Spring Split Roster

Largely known for their outstanding performance in the CS:GO esports community, SK Gaming is a rising star among legends. SK's League of Legends roster competed back in 2010 and has since grown into an LEC hopeful. Their super efficient macroplay and overall skill has allowed them to adapt around bad situations as a team. Their mastery in positioning favorably gives them control over game-winning objectives when they need them. Moreover, their constantly shifting playstyle has won them unbelievable upsets that put them in a league of their own.

Judging from the mechanical outplays they've been able to pull off, SK Gaming has already improved considerably. And like a well-oiled machine, they rarely encounter problems. In the Winter Split's Regular Stage, they only suffered a handful of defeats, but their recent match history seems to promise a better track record.

SK Gaming held their own when they were up against giants like MAD and Vitality in the previous play-offs. The coaches know what the team is capable of, and has retained all 5 members of SK Gaming's roster for the Spring.

Head Coach Swiffer
Assistant Coach Own3r

Top Irrelevant
Jungler Markoon
Middle Sertuss

Bot Exakick
Support Doss

Team BDS 2023 Spring Split Roster

The newest kid on the block. Team BDS is a Swiss esports organization that was created in 2019. They made their start in the LFL in 2021 and eventually made their presence known in the LEC.

Playing to each of their teammates' strengths, Team BDS combines exceptional set-ups and proper callouts to pull off devastating combos on enemies that dare to come too close. If there was ever a secret to always landing in the LEC's final top 10, Team BDS is one of the closest to figuring it out. The focus of their dependable top-laner Adam has taken the team far. And looking at the results of their new line-up just speaks to the ability of their qualified coaches and General Manager Nicolas “Atomium” Farnir, who has stayed with Team BDS since 2021.

Head Coach GoToOne
Performance Coach Clément

Top Adam
Jungler Sheo
Middle nuc
Bot Crownie
Support Labrov

Team Heretics 2023 Spring Split Roster

Team Heretics got their start in the League of Legends scene in the old days of 2017, where their Spanish team competed in the LVP Superliga Second Division and the Spanish Challenger Series. As time went on, the organization eyed a spot in the LEC 2023 season, and acquired Misfits Gaming's slot back in July 2022.

You'd think that recruiting an LJL rockstar that made it to the World Championship stage multiple times would spell success for the relatively new team. Unfortunately, the player does not make the team. At their best, Team Heretics plays each wave efficiently in the laning phase, only concede neutral objectives when they can disrupt enemy formation and make great roams across the map overall.  That said, TH as a whole hasn't gotten the best start in the Spring split, but the LEC hopeful isn't out of the fight yet.

Head Coach Peter Dun

Top Evi
Jungler Jankos
Middle Ruby
Bot Jackspektra
Support Mersa

Team Vitality 2023 Spring Split Roster

Last, but definitely not least. Team Vitality remains as the strongest team in the Spring's Regular Stage. Founded some 8 years ago, the French organization stepped into the esports scene primarily for League of Legends, but has since formed teams for other games like Rocket League and Fortnite.

With still no losses at this time of writing, Vitality's chances of winning this split are the best they've ever been. Their recent match against SK Gaming sent a clear message across the entire EMEA; they've come back to the LEC stage with a bloodthirsty vengeance. The high-placing Vitality is making a beeline for a silver shield of their own.

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Head Coach Carter
Assistant Coach Hjarnan

Top Photon
Jungler Bo
Middle Perkz
Bot Upset
Support Kaiser

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LEC 2023 Spring Split Teams Guide: Everything You Need to Know
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