2023 LEC Spring Split Week 1 Day 2 Recap: Astralis Wins Huge Upset Against G2 Esports

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2023 LEC Spring Split Week 1 Day 2 Recap: Astralis Wins Huge Upset Against G2 Esports

Here are the highlights for Day 2 of the LEC 2023 Spring Split.

The LEC superweek resumed as the Spring Split teams entered the Regular Stage brawl for the top 8 spots on the leaderboard.

Will Fnatic win their first match of the split? Will MAD learn from yesterday's massive blunders? And will last split's heavy hitters take the top spots once again? Read the full recap of the matches below!

Team BDS vs MAD Lions

An early 4-man invade by MAD saw them take First Blood before minute one. From there, Chasy avoided dying from a 2v1 gank using Fiora's Riposte. Sheo had a slow early game while boith teams traded kills on top-lane. Team BDS won close skirmishes that started the midgame by their superior positioning and macroplay. Crownie's AP on Zeri was just too formidable to go up against, and stopped MAD's teamfight momentum despite having Ocean Drake. Eventually, Crownie and nuc's reverse damage tore through MAD Lions's mid-lane charge and overpowered the team to submission.

  • Teams: BDS 0 – 1 MAD
  • Time: 32:05
  • Kills: 21 – 36
  • Turrets:11 – 4
  • Gold: 63.2k – 52.6k
  • Dragons: 4 – 1
  • Barons: 1 – 0

Excel vs Vitality

With an excellent bot-lane duo on paper, Vitality started the match off right with the first kill by Bo's Sejuani. After multiple skirmishes on toplane, Vitality was able to get a comfortable 3k gold lead. Meanwhile, Patrik and LIMIT held on to their bottom lane turret to avoid giving their enemies any more momentum. Fighting fast for objectives, Zerxe claimed both of the game's first dragons to give his team a fighting chance. By the midgame, Photon's scaling on Jayce was far too powerful to stop. To no one's surprise, Vitality's snowball continued to grow until they finished another Regular Stage match with a forceful ace.

  • Teams: XL 0 – 1 VIT
  • Time: 30:52
  • Kills: 4 – 22
  • Turrets: 5 – 8
  • Gold: 51.7k – 64.2k
  • Dragons: 2 – 2
  • Barons: 0 – 1

SK Gaming vs Fnatic

Fnatic suffered another loss after SK bullied Oscarinin repeatedly with ganks in the top lane. Fnatic's early game seemingly went well as they answered kill for kill. But given the big gold difference, it didn't last. Shortly afterwards, SK blew the early game wide open after a successful topside 4v3 led by Markoon. This completely disrupted FNC's plans to scale. SK's gold lead then allowed them to win more teamfights past the 20-minute mark, securing Baron with little resistance. Ultimately, Fnatic just couldn't set Rekkles up for success and defend their top-lane well enough to keep SK from ending the game.

  • Teams: SK 1 – 0 FNC
  • Time: 31:46
  • Kills: 19 – 6
  • Turrets: 9 – 2
  • Gold: 63.6k – 54.1k
  • Dragons: 3 – 1
  • Barons: 1 – 0

Astralis vs G2 Esports

AST vs G2 had a bloodthirsty early game that saw trades as early as 5 minutes. The fast-paced match saw G2 Esports claim the first drake in 7 minutes. An incredibly close match saw its first real shift in momentum when Caps' Malphite got dived under turret. Shortly after, LIDER's Irelia stylishly got another kill in the enemy jungle and solidified AST's lead. Evenly matched, the entirety of the midgame was a bloodbath that only rewarded the slightest gold leads. That said, G2 was perfectly poised for Soul Point, which prompted Astralis to deny them any more objectives and secure the winning lead. An outstanding victory for Astralis.

  • Teams: AST 1 – 0 G2
  • Time: 33:04
  • Kills: 23 – 20
  • Turrets: 9 – 4
  • Gold: 64.1k – 57.8k
  • Dragons: 1 – 4
  • Barons: 1 – 0

KOI vs Heretics

No ganks were found in the entire early game of KOI vs TH. A slow and calculated game gave Heretics the first kill lead. After the fourth drake, KOI came knocking on TH's base before regrouping. With the score in a tie, both teams focused on destroying tower objectives. After a while, the match saw a ton of action after the first Baron take. After TH secured the buff, KOI aggressively spectacularly chased them back to their base despite being 3 kills behind. Multiple blunders from Heretics let KOI catch up on the killscore despite their enemy's Soul point. The late game was an absolute slugfest that ended in KOI's favor when Larsen teleported to the enemy Nexus to destroy it with the minion wave.

  • Teams: KOI 1 – 0 TH
  • Time: 46:49
  • Kills: 20 – 20
  • Turrets: 11 – 4
  • Gold: 83.9k – 81.6k
  • Dragons: 3 – 4
  • Barons: 1 – 1


Fnatic Pulls Ahead With Flawless 5-0 in LEC 2024 Summer Season

Current Standings:

  • Astralis: 2W – 0L
  • Excel: 1W – 1L
  • Fnatic: 0W – 2L
  • G2 Esports: 0W – 1L
  • Heretics: 0W – 1L
  • KOI: 1W – 0L
  • MAD Lions: 1W – 1L
  • SK Gaming: 2W – 0L
  • Team BDS: 0W – 2L
  • Vitality: 2W – 0L


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2023 LEC Spring Split Week 1 Day 2 Recap: Astralis Wins Huge Upset Against G2 Esports
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