League of Legends: Machine Returns to the LEC Desk for Week Three

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League of Legends: Machine Returns to the LEC Desk for Week Three

British esports host and commentator Alex “Machine” Richardson will return to the LEC broadcast for Week Three with Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere handling desk duty for the upcoming BLAST Premier week three.

Machine first appeared on the LEC broadcast back in March 2019 as Sjokz became a freelance host and thus not a permanent fixture for European League of Legends. But Sjokz has remained a part of the broadcast and is still an important part of the LEC broadcast for major events in the LEC calendar such as split finals and MSI.

Machine has been a prominent force in CS:GO for a number of years now, after starting out as a Call of Duty commentator. He has worked for ESL, ELeague and Faceit. Machine will join the LEC for Week Three and if his Twitter is anything to go by he’s already caught right back up with the LEC madness.

The LEC is currently being dominated by G2 Esports, to the surprise of no one as the side sits 4-0. Week Three will see the battle of Europe take place, however, as G2 go up against 3-1 Fnatic and G2 get another test of its skill a week after dispatching Origen.

Week Three will see a few other notable matches, including the UK battle between Fnatic and Excel Esports. With the remaining games of the weekend a mixed bag we’ll likely get a good idea of who’s going to struggle by the end of the week. Both Team Vitality and Schalke 04 currently sit at 0-4 records and the two could easily end it with a devastating 0-6 scoreline.

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To get caught up with the LEC and how it’s been going so far make sure to check out our Week Two recaps of Day One and Two.

League of Legends: Machine Returns to the LEC Desk for Week Three
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