League of Legends 2024 New Items Analysis

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League of Legends 2024 New Items Analysis

Looking at how the future item changes will dictate next year's meta in our League of Legends 2024 New Items Guide

League of Legends is changing the game in 2024. Promising a huge seasonal update that puts the corruptive power of the Void center stage, Riot is slapping a fresh, purple coat of paint over Summoner's Rift. That means new monsters, new objectives and new map changes. But what's probably got fans the most excited are the upcoming changes to the game's itemization.

Balance has been a long-standing issue in League of Legends. Back in September, Lead Gameplay Designer Matt Leung-Harrison announced that Mythic-tier items were on their way out for a more streamlined experience. And after 2 months, Riot's latest blogpost finally gave us our first look at the major changes coming our way. So let's dive into the League of Legends 2024 New Items to check how they'll support the new meta.

League of Legends 2024 New Items


Support quests have just gotten easier. Instead of having two specialized starter items to choose from, you'll only need to get one: “World Atlas”.

The World Atlas gains charges overtime like ordinary Support starter items and awards gold whenever you execute minions AND hit enemies with abilities or attacks. Once you get awarded a total of 500 gold, it turns into the “Runic Compass” and gains the ability to hold wards. But the most exciting part is the item's third upgrade.

World Atlas' final form is called the “Bounty of Worlds”, an item that shares Runic Compass' base stats, but offers 5 wildly different passives for you to choose. And judging from the short cooldowns and how well these will dictate big teamfights, we can expect a big focus on magic resist counter-builds once World Atlas hits the live servers.

League of Legends 2024 New Items
Credit: Riot Games

League of Legends 2024 New Items List – Support

  • World Atlas
  • Runic Compass
  • Bounty of Worlds
    • Celestial Opposition
    • Solstice Sleigh
    • Bloodsong
    • Dream Maker
    • Zaz’Zak’s Realmspike


The “Ultimate Flames” on Malignance will surely be focused on high-prio targets during teamfights, and Shadowflame's new execute passive is going to cause a lot of headaches on big burst comps with champs like Veigar.

League of Legends 2024 New Items List – Mage

  • Malignance
  • Caster’s Companion
  • Stormsurge
  • Haunting Guise
  • Cryptbloom


Voltaic Cyclosword's passive can be huge for brawl champs like Tryndamere and Trundle, and even deadlier when coupled with Opportunity on high-mobility champs like Hecarim. The current lack of cooldowns on Hubris is concerning, especially if someone like Yi gets his hands on it. But all in all, the new items are a good change of pace from the rage-induced tableflips caused by Duskblade.

League of Legends 2024 New Items List – Assassin

  • Voltaic Cyclosword
  • Profane Hydra
  • Hubris
  • Opportunity
  • Rectrix
  • The Brutalizer


Hollow Radiance is going to be a popular pick for top-lane champs due to the additional waveclear and AOE damage. Tanks will likely buy Hollow Radiance and Kaenic Rookern to mitigate magic damage from “burn” items like Liandry's, so watch what your enemy mage builds.

League of Legends 2024 New Items List – Tank

  • Hollow Radiance
  • Unending Despair
  • Kaenic Rookern


Chemtech Putrifier, one of the most dependable anti-heal items for enchanters, is set to be removed come season 2024. That said, new support-aligned items are going to put more focus on playing as a team and new build paths.

League of Legends 2024 New Items List – Enchanter

  • Glowing Mote
  • Dawncore


If you see a fed Darius with Nitro Hexaegis heading towards you, run the other way. Moreover, Scion mains will be utilizing Sundered Sky for the extra critical damage, so invest in armor early. In other news, Hulbreaker will deal 400% AD to structures next season (from 200%), which will go perfectly with Demolish rune builds.

League of Legends 2024 New Items List – Fighter

  • Sundered Sky
  • Nitro Hexaegis
  • Tunneler


The lack of new items is a good step towards making ADCs less dominant next season. Moreover, most of these balance changes are very versatile. For example, Phantom Dancer can also give Bel'Veth tons of 1v1 strength. Terminus is also a worthwhile replacement for Galeforce on Yasuo/Yone builds since it increases magic resist and adds a ton of lethality every other hit.

League of Legends 2024 New Items List – Marksmen

  • Terminus

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League of Legends 2024 New Items Analysis
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