LCS Summer Split Week 1 Preview: The LCS Returns With the Finals Rematch

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LCS Summer Split Week 1 Preview: The LCS Returns With the Finals Rematch

Get ready to dive back into the action as the LCS returns for its highly anticipated Summer Split.

After a two week delay resulting from the player walkout and negotiations between LCSPA and Riot, LCS is ready to resume with the Summer Split. The schedule and the broadcast format will be different this split due to the two weeks lost, which means all the remaining six weeks are now superweeks with Wednesdays added as a regular game day.

 Broadcast days aren’t the only changes either. Unfortunately, the LCS said goodbye to one of their longest-tenured orgs during the off-season as CLG sold their spot to NRG. NRG’s first game in their return to the LCS will be against Evil Geniuses. Both teams made some big roster changes during the MSI break, which was a big trend this year with 14 roster spots changing names from Spring.

Not every new acquisition is a player new to the league of course. Probably the most significant intraleague signing was Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho returning to 100 Thieves and FlyQuest signing Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme to bolster their contender squad. Outside the league, we had William “UNF0RGIVEN” Nieminen joining EG after his one split stint in teh NACL, and Lee “Rich” Jae-won and Lee “Ruby” Sol-min, two controversial import players the community had some questions regarding their signings.

Game to watch on each day of the LCS Week 1

Cloud9 vs Golden Guardians, Day 1

We open the LCS Summer Split with not only the rematch of the Spring Finals but a matchup we saw at MSI 2023. Cloud9 was the victor on both occasions, with 3-1 scorelines in both series. Golden Guardians is coming into the Summer Split with a lot more respect shown to them during the preseason, but Cloud9 still remains the favorite in the opening game.

During the previous clash of these teams, bot lane was a big factor. Berserker has been leveling up throughout his time in NA, coming to a head with his MVP award last split. On the other side, Stixxay and huhi had a lot of struggles during MSI, even though their Spring was a great one.

100 Thieves vs Team Liquid, Day 2

Team Liquid and 100 Thieves are two teams whose Spring didn’t go as expected, even with the Thieves picking up the slack and making it to playoffs. Now in Summer, 100 Thieves made two roster changes while TL decided to stick with their roster, and we will see this Thursday which approach was better.

Usually, the matchup to watch would be the bot lane, especially in this meta with Doublelift on the Rift. But since 100 Thieves are debuting their new rookie mid laner and there has been a lot of hype around Haeri due to TL’s scrims in EU, the audience should keep their eyes on the mid lane.

Golden Guardians vs FlyQuest, Day 3

Tough first week schedule for GG as they play the other team in the title contention in FlyQuest. It would be a massive start to the season if they can manage to sneak a win in one of these games. Especially since FlyQuest has a new bot lane duo and might need some adjustment time.

On the topic of bot lane, would you be surprised to hear the spotlight should be toward Prince and Vulcan in this game? Prince has been a great addition to the LCS so far, both his personality outside the game and his entertaining gameplay. The matchup against Golden Guardians will be a good test for him and his new lane partner as GG is a very probable opponent in their journey to an LCS title.

How to watch the LCS Summer Split

Fans can catch the LCS action on the official LoL Esports website with a chance to earn exclusive drops from Riot. Or you can follow the official LCS Twitch and the Youtube channels.

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LCS Summer Split Week 1 Preview: The LCS Returns With the Finals Rematch
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