Last Epoch Falconer Leveling Build Guide

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Last Epoch Falconer Leveling Build Guide

In a game like Last Epoch, it is important that players decide to rely on the right class, subclass, and build, so that they can have a simpler life and face the threats that lurk in the game world with more ease.

In this article, we will give you a Last Epoch Falconer leveling build, or one of the three masteries of the Rogue class. If you are among those who prefer a style of play in which you have a faithful companion, this article is the one for you.

Last Epoch Falconer Leveling Build

Before going into the details of the matter, let's spend a couple of words to describe the class and the mastery, so that even those who don't know anything about it can have important information. Let's start by saying that the Falconer is a Rogue class mastery. As you surely know, in Last Epoch there are five different classes, each of which has three masteries (or subclasses).

The rogue is incredibly skilled with both bows and blades. She quietly emerges from the shadows, her sharp eyes searching for a deeper reason behind her deadly abilities. Moving silently, she aims to uncover the mysteries of her life and give purpose to her lethal skills.

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For what concerns the Falconer mastery, we can say that this master strategist sets cunning traps and relies on the help of a formidable bird of prey. She stays alive thanks to her smarts, creativity, and, above all, her falcon's unwavering loyalty.

Early Setup

Before you can unleash the full potential of this build in Last Epoch, you'll have to play a bit to unlock the skills needed to make this build as effective as possible. For this reason, we have decided to include an initial setup that you should rely on until you have a chance to obtain the right skills.

  • Puncture (used against single enemies)
  • Shift (allows you to move faster)
  • Decoy (to be used in case you find yourself in dangerous situations, such as against multiple enemies)

Final Setup

Once you have become familiar with this mastery and have been able to unlock the other skills, you can change the previous build and opt for one that is able to highlight the true potential of this subclass.

  • Explosive Trap (used against single enemies)
  • Shift (allows you to move faster)
  • Falconry (summon a falcon to fight at your side)
  • Dive Bomb (used against single enemies)
  • Smoke Bomb (useful for blinding enemies)

Last Epoch Falconer Leveling Build


Items are a very important aspect in Last Epoch. For this reason, it is essential that you give them the right importance and that you use the best ones based on your level.

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Level 1-10

  • Blighted Bastard Sword of Conflagration
  • Blighted Silver Ring of Deflection
  • Warrior's Jade Amulet of Deflection
  • Blighted Venom Phial of Deflection
  • Vital Leather Boots of Deflection
  • Rogue's Leather Mask of Deflection

Level 11-25

  • Warrior's Salvaged Bow of Conflagration
  • Blighted Light Quiver of Wounds
  • Blighted Gold Ring of Deflection
  • Blighted Silver Grail of Deflection
  • Avarice

Level 26-40

  • Rogue's Grolehide Coat of Deflection
  • Dexterous Sapphire Ring of Deflection
  • Manafused Noble Gloves of Deflection
  • Rogue's Horned Helm of Deflection
  • Ranger's Ivory Quiver of Deflection

Level 41-58

  • Rejuvenating Bone Amulet of Acid
  • Eviscerating Dreadthorn Bow of Sleet
  • Dexterous Skalnir Quiver of Deflection
  • Manafused Arcane Bracers of Embers
  • Manafused Noble Gloves of Deflection
  • Rejuvenating Spidersilk Sash of Purity
  • Dexterous Heoborean Boots of Life
Last Epoch Falconer Leveling Build Guide
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