Last Epoch Mastery Tier List

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Last Epoch Mastery Tier List

Last Epoch is a game that gives players the opportunity to choose between many different classes to play the game, but as you progress, you will also have the possibility to choose subclasses to further refine your choice. These subclasses, called masteries, are different and can change the way you play. For this reason, in this article, we will provide you with a Last Epoch mastery tier list so that you can choose the best ones.

Last Epoch Mastery Tier List

Choosing the right mastery is important to ensure that your build is maximally effective, so it is absolutely not something you should underestimate. Currently, there are 13 masteries that you can choose from, so let's see which ones are the best and why.


These are the best Last Epoch masteries that you can choose from in the game and that allow you to create the most powerful builds. They are very useful for dealing with the myriad of bosses that are present in the game, as well as for dealing with the end game.

Necromancer (Acolyte)

The Necromancer is really good at summoning minions. These minions, like the Skeletal Mage, become super strong with the Necromancer's help. With these minions by their side, the Necromancer can be like a whole army all by themselves. They use the power of the undead to become unstoppable.

Lich (Acolyte)

The Lich mastery is all about taking big risks to get big rewards. It trades some of its health to become really powerful. It uses special vitality wards and health theft to keep things balanced. Even though it's risky, it's worth it because the Lich can get super strong. Plus, if the Lich dies, it has a special power called Reaper Form that gives it another chance with a new health bar. This makes the Lich tough to beat, even if it gets knocked down.

Runemaster (Mage)

The Runemaster is really good at casting spells that hit hard. They use special symbols called runes to make their spells even stronger and to protect themselves. With the Runemaster, you can dish out a lot of damage with your magic. It's like having a lot of different ways to hurt your enemies using spells.

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Druid (Primalist)

The Druid is super flexible because it can change into three different forms: Swarmblade, Sprigga, and Werebear. Each form has its own strengths and abilities. With special skills, the Druid can make these transformations even better. Plus, the Druid can heal itself and fight back with thorns when enemies attack.

Last Epoch Mastery Tier List


Although the Last Epoch masteries that are present in this tier are not as powerful as those we have indicated previously, they are still excellent choices to make, especially in certain situations.

Sorcerer (Mage)

The Sorcerer is really good at causing a lot of damage using elements like fire, ice, and lightning from far away. They can control crowds of enemies with special moves like Black Hole. It's like being able to unleash powerful forces of nature to take down enemies without even getting close to them.

Bladedancer (Rogue)

The Bladedancer can call upon shades, which are like ghostly helpers, to make its attacks even stronger when fighting up close. But there's a downside: because the Bladedancer focuses so much on dealing damage quickly, it can be fragile and easily broken, like a glass cannon. So, while it can dish out a lot of hurt in a short amount of time, it needs to be careful to avoid getting hurt itself.

Paladin (Sentinel)

The Paladin is all about helping others by healing them and using holy fire to fight enemies. They're like a strong wall that can also hit back hard. The Paladin can take a lot of hits without getting knocked down and can dish out damage at the same time. It's like having a good mix of toughness and strength to keep fighting no matter what.

Marksman (Rogue)

The Marksman is really good at shooting enemies from far away. They use special arrows that do tricky things and attacks that are as fast as lightning. It's like being a master of shooting from a distance, using clever tactics and lightning-fast strikes to take down foes without them even getting close.

Last Epoch Mastery Tier List


These Last Epoch masteries can often be overwhelmed by the power of the enemies, but they still have a fair amount of potential that, if exploited, can be useful in certain circumstances and with the use of specific builds.

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Void Knight (Sentinel)

The Void Knight is all about using special void magic to make their melee attacks even stronger. One of their moves, Abyssal Echoes, hits enemies multiple times, making it really powerful. But there's a catch: because these attacks work best up close, it can be tricky to keep enemies within range. So, while the Void Knight packs a punch, they need to be smart about how they approach battles.

Forgeguard (Sentinel)

The Forgeguard is all about making itself really tough with strong armor and shields while also being good at close combat. But compared to its counterpart, the Sentinel, the Forgeguard isn't as good at dealing damage or helping out teammates. So, while it's really good at staying alive and hitting things up close, it might need some help from others when it comes to offense or support.

Beastmaster (Primalist)

The Beastmaster is great at handling things on its own, especially in the early stages of the game. But as the game goes on and gets harder, it might not be as strong as other classes like the Druid or Necromancer. They have abilities that stay strong even as the game progresses, while the Beastmaster might struggle to keep up. So, while it's good at first, it might need some help later on to stay competitive.

Last Epoch Mastery Tier List


Finally, in the last tier, we have included the two Last Epoch masteries, which are difficult to use as they have deficiencies and are therefore not recommended to use unless you are an experienced player.

Shaman (Primalist)

The Shaman is all about using magic to summon totems and control elemental forces. But as the game gets harder, these totems might not get stronger at the same rate as other abilities. Plus, the Shaman can have a hard time staying alive without help from teammates. So, while it's really good at using magic and totems early on, it might need some backup later in the game to keep going strong.

Spellblade (Mage)

Mixing sword fighting and magic together in Spellblade might sound cool, but it doesn't always work as well as you'd hope. The abilities for fighting up close and casting spells don't always work together smoothly. Because of this, Spellblade might not be as strong as other characters that focus only on fighting with swords or only on casting spells.

Last Epoch Mastery Tier List
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