Last Epoch Experience Penalty: How Does It Work?

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Last Epoch Experience Penalty: How Does It Work?

Last Epoch is an ARPG that draws a lot of inspiration from Diablo and Path of Exile, so many are wondering if there is a similar mechanic when it comes to experience points. Specifically, is there a Last Epoch experience penalty when facing enemies or when dying?

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about it so that you can face the dangers that lurk in the game world without any problems.

Last Epoch Death Penalty Explained

In a game like Last Epoch, you will have the opportunity to face a myriad of different opponents and bosses, some of which could really put you in difficulty if you are not used to this type of game and if you do not have the right build. For this reason, dying is not such a difficult thing.

But the real question is: is there a penalty when you die? Do you lose the experience you have gained up to that point?

The answer is no. If you die facing a horde of enemies or a particularly difficult boss, you won't have to worry about your experience points or losing gold (a very precious resource for purchasing items that serve to improve your character).

So, you can rest easy (sort of) because if you make a mistake or get overwhelmed by your opponents, you won't have to deal with losing valuable stuff.

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last epoch experience penalty

Last Epoch Experience Penalty

However, you should know that facing enemies will not always be the same. Or rather, you have to keep in mind your level and that of the area you are venturing into. Because, if it is true that there is no penalty for the experience accumulated when you die, there is instead a penalty when you face enemies in areas that are too far from your level.

Although, in general, the higher the enemy's level, the more experience points you will get, in Last Epoch there is this game mechanic that does not allow you to get the experience points you should have if your character's level is too far from that of the enemies you are facing. We explain well what it means, so that you have no doubts whatsoever.

If you're playing by yourself or you're the strongest player in your group, you will earn fewer experience points from enemies if they're over 10 levels higher than you. You'll get XP as if the enemies were just 10 levels higher than you, no matter how strong they actually are.

If you're not the strongest player, this XP penalty kicks in earlier, based on how much stronger the strongest player is than you (at least 2 levels difference). If you're more than 5 levels weaker than the expected level for a certain part of the game, quests in that part will give you less XP based on your level.

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In short, our advice is to try to tackle the missions and the various areas that are present in the game world with fairly similar levels, if you don't want to incur this penalty. The reason for this mechanism is not very clear, but it is likely that the developers wanted to create something in which it was not too simple to farm XP, so as to still have a certain level of challenge to complete the adventure of Last Epoch.

Last Epoch Experience Penalty: How Does It Work?
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