Last Epoch All Bosses Complete Guide (Locations, Drops & More)

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Last Epoch All Bosses Complete Guide (Locations, Drops & More)

From storm gods to time-travelling sorcerers, we're going through the entire list of Last Epoch all bosses across Eterra.

Last Epoch's engaging bossfights are one of its most significant aspects that make the game worth playing. And despite the game's flaws, the mountain of legendary loot that you earn after defeating Last Epoch's bosses makes its grind worthwhile.

Eleventh Hour Games spared no expense in crafting their inspired ARPG — seemingly fusing Diablo's accessbility and Path of Exile's extensive class system. Want to know the best builds to start with? Check out our easy-to-follow Last Epoch beginner's guide!

To help you keep track of Last Epoch's bossfights (and the loot they drop), check out our complete list of all bosses below!

Big spoilers ahead!

Last Epoch All Bosses

Last Epoch's bosses have been refined since it's multiplayer beta started five years ago. Here's every boss we've found so far:

Admiral Harton

Last Epoch All Bosses

This undead abomination uses a mix of spells and lair actions to pepper the battlefield with explosive blasts. Deal with the Storm Wisps summons first to avoid getting overrun.

Admiral Harton Boss Location: The Deck, Dreadnought

Admiral Harton Boss Drops:

  • Spiked Club of Static
  • Assassin's Spiked Club of Static
  • Copper Ring of Endurance
  • Leather Belt of Remedy
  • Iron Mace of Conflagration
  • Refuge Gloves of Purity
  • Profane Wand
  • Eviscerating Spiked Maul
  • Added Melee Void Damage Shard

Architect Liath

Last Epoch All Bosses

Architect Liath wields strong lightning spells and uses them in wide AOE/line attacks, so do some prep before facing her!

Architect Liath Boss Location: Sanctum of the Architect.

Architect Liath Boss Drops:

  • Shattering Shamanic Staff of Freezing
  • Increased Spell Crit Chance Shard
  • Acolyte's Covern Garb of Defense
  • Glyph of Chaos
  • Witch's Astrolabe of Embers
  • Vital Mystic Plate
  • Brass Amulet of Frost
  • Reflective Mystic Plate of Evasion
  • Coral Ring of Embers
  • Rune of Shattering

Argolos the Blessed

Last Epoch All Bosses

Argolos will prefer to fight from afar, but will change elements and tactics as it's health decreases.

Ice form summons minions that target you with ice mortars, Fire form lets Argolos blast you with a fire barrage and protect itself with a fire shield and Lightning Form Argolos performs delayed lightning strikes in its surroundings.

Argolos the Blessed Boss Location: Wraith Dunes

Argolos the Blessed Boss Drops:

  • Occultist's Birch Wand
  • Assassin's Kris of Sleet
  • Marauder's Morning Star
  • Attunement Shard
  • Glacial Iron Gauntlets
  • Mighty Forest Cowl

Chronomancer Julra

Last Epoch All Bosses

At the start, prioritize destroying Julra's healing fountains when you're not swapping eras and stacking Julra's “puddles”. It's important to avoid greeding since you can easily get one-shot by this boss. Your patience will be rewarded.

Chronomancer Julra Boss Location: Temporal Sanctum

Chronomancer Julra Boss Drops:

  • Shade's Abyssal Dragon Staff of Authority and Stillness
  • Leeching Occultist's Rune Dagger of Glory and Static
  • Marauder Assassin's Rusted Cleaver of Sorrow and Stillness
  • Marauder Slayer's Longsword of Suppression
  • x2 Glyph of Chaos
  • Occultist's Conduit's Profane Ward of Freezing Stillness
  • Physical Resistance Shard
  • Slayer's Toxic Dragon Staff of Conflagration and Stillness
  • 599 Gold
  • Endurance Shard
  • Pyromancer Conduit's Bow of Stillness

Emperor's Remains

Last Epoch All Bosses

The Emperor's Remains wields both Necrotic and Void magics which he uses to conjure devastating effect. Avoid his Void beams and explosive orbs when you can — both of which become extremely lethal when this boss drops to 50% health!

Emperor's Remains Boss Location: The End of Ruin

Emperor's Remains Boss Drops:

  • Unbreakable Heater Shield of the Turtle
  • Health Potion
  • Oak Sceptre
  • Glacial Runic Scroll
  • Added Health Shard
  • Increased Movement Speed Shard
  • Increased Health Regen Shard
  • Gladius
  • Rusted Cleaver
  • Mail Bracers of Stillness
  • Cultist Blade
  • Increased Melee Damage Shard
  • Iron Greaves
  • Pyromancer's Root Staff
  • Forestry Axe of Stone
  • Rune of Shattering
  • Silver Ring of Remedy
  • Toxic Split Greatsword
  • Glacial Weathered Coins
  • x190 Gold
  • Occultist's Sacrificial Staff
  • x2 Glyph of Chaos
  • Added Melee Lightning Damage Shard
  • Sacrifical Staff
  • Pike
  • Manafused Runic Scroll
  • Adept Helm
  • Spell Damage and Reduced Mana Cost Shard
  • Outcast Boots
  • Sacrificial Knife of Blinding
  • Flanged Mace
  • Vital Temple Garb

Fire Lich Cremorus

Last Epoch All Bosses

Cremorus is a multi-elemental lich mage that deals both Fire and Necrotic damage within his bastion. The ground slowly deals damage overtime depending on its color, so watch out!

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Fire Lich Cremorus Boss Location: Soulfire Bastion Dungeon

Fire Lich Cremorus Boss Drops:

  • Ring
  • Assassin's Sapphire Amulet
  • Brigandine Boots
  • Eviscerating Jade Amulet of Frailty
  • Shattering Solarium Hammer of Lethargy
  • Belt
  • x135 Gold

Flame Guard Sulla

Last Epoch All Bosses

Sulla imbues their melee skills with fire magic to devastate their opponents.

Flame Guard Sulla Boss Location: Welryn Outskirts

Flame Guard Sulla Boss Drops:

  • Lucky Leather Belt
  • Cultist Blade
  • x15 Gold
  • Cultist Sceptre
  • Pyromancer”s Bearded Axe of Static
  • Pyromancer's Jade Ring
  • Flanged Mace
  • Targe
  • Pickaxe
  • Temple Garb

Haruspex Orian

Last Epoch All Bosses

This highly-ambitious Osprix is in pursuit of the Epoch, and he won't stop until he gets it. Haruspex will initially engage in melee before raining down fireballs in his empowered state. Most of his attacks deal fire damage, so plan accordingly.

Haruspex Orian Boss Location: The Summit

Haruspex Orian Boss Drops:

  • Adept robes
  • Bastard Sword of Sleet
  • Bastard Sword
  • x2 Health Regen Shard
  • Polgnard of Conflagration
  • Increased Minion Damage Shard
  • Shattering Root Staff
  • x2 Ruby Amulet
  • Root Staff of Stillness
  • Wooden Shield of Deflection
  • Dextrous Travelling Coat of Deflection
  • Rending Wooden Shield of Life
  • Increased Mana Regen Shard

Idol of Ruin

Last Epoch All Bosses

A Void spawn that overwhelms you with a barrage of small explosions and swarms of Void Leeches. Defeat the Prophet of Ruin to unlock this boss.

Idol of Ruin Boss Location: Corrupted Lake, The Dark Ascent


Last Epoch All Bosses

The master of the sea, stars and the moon casts a variety of damaging effects depending on the moon icon found in the center of the field. After you track his next spell, it'll be a matter of dodging claw attacks, going up the stairs to avoid the tidal waves and clearing the adds.

Boss Location: Lagon's Isle

Lagon Boss Drops:

  • Health Potion
  • Less Bonus Damage Taken from Critical Strikes Shard
  • Two-Handed Sword
  • x673 Gold
  • Increased Melee Stun Chance Shard

Ortra'ek the Survivor

Last Epoch All Bosses

This Void Boss cultist guards the entrance to the Temporal Sanctum.

Ortra'ek the Survivor Location: Ruined Coast

Ortra'ek the Survivor Boss Drops:

  • Protective Heater Shield of Remedy
  • Tower Shield of Frost
  • Venomous Grand Bone Idol of Deflection
  • x5 Gold

Pannion's Student

Last Epoch All Bosses

These three students combine cold and lightning area-of-effect abilities along with lethal ranged attacks.

Pannion's Student Boss Location: Pannion's Study

Pannion's Student Boss Drops:

  • Brass Amulet
  • Jade Ring
  • Sacrificial Knife of Hunger
  • Physical Resistance Shard
  • Assassin's Gladius
  • Glyph of Chaos
  • Broken Sword
  • Archive Wand of Sleet
  • Leather Gloves
  • Sentinel's Surprise Emblem
  • Added Block Effectiveness Shard
  • Poison Resistance Shard
  • Void Resistance Shard
  • Physical Resistance Shard
  • Azure Infantry Hauberk of the Turtle
  • x28 Gold
  • Ruby Amulet
  • Sash
  • Added Dodge Rating Shard
  • Rune of Refinement
  • Leather Boots
  • Dark Pickaxe
  • Cultist Spectre
  • Archive Wand
  • Increased Physical Damage Shard
  • Jade Ring of Regrowth
  • x2 Glyph of Hope
  • Infantry Helm

Primeval Dragon

Last Epoch All Bosses

This ancient drake wields ancient elemental magic in the form of wide AOEs and flame breath attacks.

Primeval Dragon Boss Location: The Ancient Forest

Primeval Dragon Boss Drops:

  • Eastern Blade of Tenacity
  • Tower Shield
  • x2 Glyph of the Guardian
  • Radiant Crest
  • Lucid Cloth Hood of the Turtle
  • Ruby Amulet
  • x103 Gold
  • Claymore of Wounds
  • Toxic Salvaged Bow
  • Blighted Birth Bow of Venom
  • Salvaged Bow
  • Birch Bow of Wounds
  • Honed Salvaged Bow
  • Added Stun Avoidance Shard

Prophet of Ruin

Last Epoch All Bosses

Prophet of Ruin Boss Location: The Corrupted Lake

Prophet of Ruin Boss Drops:

  • x44 Gold

Spreading Frost

Last Epoch All Bosses

This boss is a more powerful version of the Ice Elementals that can close itself to create a powerfully dangerous ice vortex.

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Spreading Frost Boss Location: The Temple of Heorot

Spreading Frost Boss Drops:

  • x268 Gold
  • Eviscerating Broadsword of Stone
  • Manafused Heretical Script of Endurance

Spymaster Zerrick

Last Epoch All Bosses

The mutated monstrosity of what was once the Immortal Emperor's most trusted enforcers.

Spymaster Zerrick Boss Location: Titan's Canyon, Immortal Citadel, Monolith of Fate

Spymaster Zerrick Boss Drops:

  • x36 Gold
  • Warrior's Root Staff of Glory
  • Icewolf Garb
  • Cleric's Dream Catcher of Endurance
  • Copper Ring
  • Attunement Shard
  • Warrior's Bone Dagger of Sleet
  • Kolheim Cowl
  • Forest Cowl of Renewal
  • Warrior's Silver Amulet
  • Imperial Staff
  • Flaming Kris of Wounds
  • Morning Star of Glory
  • Oak Helm
  • Vitality Shard

Temple Guardian

Last Epoch All Bosses

A giant construct that uses it's lightning staff to guard the entrance of a secret temple.

Temple Guardian Boss Location: The Courtyard

Temple Guardian Boss Drops:

  • x61 Gold
  • Sentinel's Iron Plate of Evasion

The Frostroot Warden

Last Epoch All Bosses

A formidable monstrosity of ice, ranged heroes will have less trouble dealing with the Warden due to their playstyle.

The Frostroot Warden Boss Location: The Tomb of Morditas

The Frostroot Warden Boss Drops:

  • Deft Khopesh of Brutality
  • x59 Gold
  • Cryomancer's Pickaxe of Acid
  • Primalist's Wolf Pelt
  • Glyph of Chaos
  • Glyph of Hope
  • Hurricane Spine Rod
  • Blighted Brass Amulet of Evasion
  • Voltaic Ornate Sceptre
  • Increased Melee Damage Shard
  • Pyromancer's Quarter Staff
  • Less Damage Taken on Block Shard
  • Eviscerating Bearded Axe of Conquest
  • Health Potion
  • Eviscerating Sacrificial Staff
  • Cleric's Living Seed

The Husk of Elder Gaspar

Last Epoch All Bosses

A more destructive version of Elder Pannion.

The Husk of Elder Gaspar Boss Location: The Chambers of Ruin

The Husk of Elder Gaspar Boss Drops:

  • Body Armour
  • Gorgonscale Goat of Hope
  • x515 gold

The Husk of Elder Pannion

Last Epoch All Bosses

A Void lich with rotating line attacks, multi-elemental AOEs and devastating Void abilities.

The Husk of Elder Pannion Boss Location: The Lower District

The Husk of Elder Pannion Boss Drops:

  • Brass Amulet
  • Attunement shard
  • Increased Melee Attack Speed Shard
  • Freeze Rate Multiplier Shard
  • Cultist Blade
  • Iron Hammer
  • x2 Bandit Helm
  • x63 Gold
  • Bandit Garb
  • Shattering Iron Hammer
  • Hurricane Impale
  • Bandit Helm of Deflection
  • Dextrous Leather Gloves
  • Ruby Amulet
  • Club
  • Pyromancer's Sacrifical Knife of Venom

The Mountain Beneath

Last Epoch All Bosses

This imposing earth titan blocks your path to innumerable treasures beyond.

The Mountain Beneath Boss Location: Lightless Arbor Dungeon

The Mountain Beneath Boss Drops: 

  • Shimmering Dragon Eye of Evasion and the Mire
  • Rune of Refinement
  • Rune of Shattering
  • Ursine Glacial Opal Ring of Regrowth
  • Conduit's Glacial Silver Amulet of Deflection
  • Conduit's Toxic Sapphire Amule of Evasion and the Fox
  • Increase Area for Area Skills shard
  • Rune of Shaping
  • Increased Armour Shard
  • Glyph of Chaos
  • Assassin Shade's Osprix Skull of Evasion and Hope
  • Commander Conduit's Jade Ring Embers of Blocking
  • x2 Rune of Shaping

Void Amalgamation

Last Epoch All Bosses

This LAst Epoch boss is an unholy fusion of two prominent Void cultists.

Void Amalgamation Boss Location: The Ritual Site

Void Amalgamation Boss Drops: 

  • Added Health Shard
  • Added Dodge Rating Shard
  • x28 Gold
  • Azure Battered Helm of Renewal

Void Penance

Last Epoch All Bosses


Void Penance Boss Location: Last Refuge Outskirts

Void Penance Boss Drops:

  • x20 Gold
  • Leeching Leather Gloves of Evasion

Voidfused Forge

Last Epoch All Bosses

This depraved monstrosity of Void and sentient steel summons multiple voidlings while spraying the floor with lava.

Voidfused Forge Boss Location: The Armoury

Voidfused Forge Boss Drops:

  • Witch's Archive Wand of Blinding
  • x31 Gold

Wengari Patriarch

Last Epoch All Bosses

A Chieftain of the Divine Era, the Patriarch defends the ancient Solarum with ice elementals and frost AOEs.

Wengari Patriarch Boss Location: Solarum Ascent

Wengari Patriarch Boss Drops:

  • Cleric's Sunrise Emblem of Deflection
  • Attuned Argent Crest
  • Shattering Crystal Staff
  • Pyromancer's Longsword
  • Leeching Titan Femur of Hunger
  • x2 Glyph of Hope
  • Ursine Tower Shield of Frost
  • Mighty Copper Ring of Endurance
  • Lucky Ranger's Belt of Purity
  • Warrior's Sapphire Ring of Embers
  • Poison Resistance Shard
  • Warrior's Glaive of Conflagration
  • Mercurial Shrine Boots of Regrowth
  • Frailty Chance Shard
  • Warrior's Crescent Axe of Static
  • Noble Sash of Embers
  • Commander's Turquoise Amulet
  • Assassin's Rusted Cleaver of Wounds
  • Cryomancer's Rusted Cleaver
  • Pyromancer's Dragon Eye of Purity
  • Bearded Axe
  • Occultist's Astrolabe
  • Pyromancer's Shamanic Staff of Lethargy

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