Last Epoch Bastion of Honor Guide (Location, Stats & More)

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Last Epoch Bastion of Honor Guide (Location, Stats & More)

The “Bastion of Honor” is one of the hardest shields to farm in the late-game, and our Last Epoch Bastion of Honor guide shows you how to get it for your optimized melee build.

Last Epoch innovates the ARPG genre by setting new standards with unique ability skill trees and mechanic-heavy bossfights. But a dungeon-crawler is nothing without its epic loot. And one of these rare treasures comes in the form of a shield called the “Bastion of Honor”.

This Unique old kite shield provides a ton of sustain for melee builds. At the same time, the Bastion of Honor gives additional modifiers for a lot of important stats. Here's everything you need to know about Last Epoch Bastion of Honor and how to get it!

Spoilers ahead! The Bastion of Honor is acquired near the endgame, so if you haven't reached that level, this article spoils an important echo as well as multiple Last Epoch timelines.

Last Epoch Bastion of Honor Shield Stats

This powerful shield will have differing modifiers based on your roll. Here are all the possible stats on the Last Epoch Bastion of Honor shield:

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How to Get the Bastion of Honor Shield in Last Epoch

The main appeal of the Last Epoch shield is definitely it's block chance per Strength modifier. The potential for 100% blocked attacks is real, and it's a great reason to include a shield in your Last Epoch build.

On top of that, your Health and Mana get a bump, and you get some Health back every time you block an attack. That said, there is a big catch.

Bastion of Honor's best modifier only applies when enemies are within 4 meters of you. This means that you potentially miss out on it's best feature when you're up against fast-moving ranged enemies. Damage over time (DoT) effects also bypass this stat. However, Bastion of Honor's other modifiers and Bulwark idols make up for this by making you tougher overall.

How to Get the Bastion of Honor Shield

Farm the Bastion of Honor at the “End of Time” echo in “The Black Sun” timeline. You reach this stage after you complete The Last Ruin, The Age of Winter and Spirits of Fire timelines. The End of Time is an Empowered echo, so make sure you bring your best gear when you farm for Bastion of Honor.

Once you finish the echo, select “Unique or Set Shield” echo rewards for a chance to get the Last Epoch Bastion of Honor — one of two “Very Rare” drops in the The End of Time.

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How to Get a Legendary Bastion of Honor Shield in Last Epoch

How to Get the Bastion of Honor Shield in Last Epoch

Unlike most action RPGs, Last Epoch's top-tier loot are craftable treasures that involve fusing Unique and Exalted items together to combine their stats. The same goes for the Bastion of Honor, so bring an Exalted shield with your prefered (unsealed) stats.

How to Craft Legendary Bastion of Honor

  1. Head to the Temporal Sanctum dungeon and find the Eternity Cache.
  2. Insert both the Bastion of Honor and your Exalted shield of choice.
  3. Seal the cache.
  4. Use Temporal Shift to travel to the future (Ruined Era) and acquire your legendary Bastion of Honor.

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