Lady Gaga Fortnite Skin Coming for Huge Season 2 of Festival

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Lady Gaga Fortnite Skin Coming for Huge Season 2 of Festival

A new Lady Gaga Fortnite skin has been announced! What else is coming in the Fortnite Festival Season 2 crossover?

We’re eagerly awaiting the launch of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, but a different crossover has just been announced. A new season of Fortnite Festival is starting soon. We’ve had its first major feature unveiled, a Fortnite Lady Gaga skin.

The popular singer will be the headline act of Fortnite Festival Season 2. This means we can expect to see quite a few songs from the artist in the game. Fortnite Festival typically has a rotation of featured tracks.

During the season, we’ll see quite a few. Lady Gag hits cycling in and out each day. You’ll even be able to own some through the Festival Pass. It’s not just songs that are being included though. They’ll also be Lady Gaga Fortnite skins which will be hanging around the item shop for quite a while.

What’s coming to the game with the new Lady Gaga skin? This is what we know so far and how you can unlock the Fortnite Lady Gaga skin.

Fortnite Festival

Lady Gaga Fortnite Skin Announced for Fortnite Festival Season 2

This week, we haven’t gotten a new update for Fortnite. Since we’re still in the midst of the TMNT event, things have largely just kept ticking over. While the new Battle Royale season starts soon, Fortnite has gotten bigger in the last few months.

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The game now has a few different strands, including Fortnite Festival. The rhythm mode is a unique addition to the game. It’s from the makers of Guitar Hero and even has its own separate seasons. Each season of Fortnite Festival focuses on a different artist. We started with the Weekend, but their time is nearly done.

We’re about to start Season 2, with a Lady Gaga skin front and center. If you don’t pop into Fortnite festival too much, you’ll likely still see them over in Battle Royale too.

Each Fortnite Festival season highlights an artist, with a Pass that includes both songs and a skin. This season’s will be Lady Gaga. We’ll likely see some songs in the game along with a new Fortnite Lady Gaga Skin. It looks like that skin has a few surprises in store too.

Fortnite Festival

Fortnite Lady Gaga Event and Other Details

The Fortnite Lady Gaga event will be the center of Festival Season 2. We can probably expect it to take a similar shape to the Weekend’s season. If leaks are to be trusted, this is what else we’ll get in the crossover.

  • Event – An in-game event with some kind of concert. Likely showcasing some of the featured songs.
  • Other Cosmetics – Matching items to go along with the Lady Gaga Skin
  • Songs – Some songs will be included in the Fortnite Festival pass and the item store
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For some players the skin itself will be the main event, especially if you’re more focused on Battle Royale. It will be in the item shop likely for the whole season though. Too long for it to count as one of the rarest Fortnite skins.

How To Get the Fortnite Lady Gaga Skin

The new Lady Gaga Fortnite skin is going to be unlock able in two ways. It'll come as the final reward in the Fortnite Festival Battle Pass on the premium tier. However, players can also pick it up from the item shop if they just want to focus on Battle Royale, not Festival or Fortnite Lego.

Lady Gaga Fortnite Release Date

That’s what we’re expecting with the Lady Gaga Fortnite skin. When will it come to the game though? The initial tease from the artist helpfully included a release date. We’ll see it hit the game on February 22 2024. This will also be the launch date for Fortnite Festival Season 2.

Lady Gaga Fortnite Skin Coming for Huge Season 2 of Festival
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