Kid Laroi X Fortnite Skin and First Concert Lined Up

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Kid Laroi X Fortnite Skin and First Concert Lined Up

The next Fortnite concert might have been revealed with a Fortnite radio takeover. This is what we know about the Kid Laroi X Fortnite crossover and concert.

Fortnite’s in-game concerts have been a huge part of making the game more than just a Battle Royale. They’re in-game events played live, with loads of players together experiencing the same thing. They’ve been missing for a little while with the pandemic preventing work on these kinds of collaborations. Although, that looks to be changing. We might be getting our first Fortnite concert in a few years though, with the Kid Laroi x Fortnite crossover.

These concerts are huge in-game events where players can enjoy a map built around the music of that artists. More than that though, it’s usually matched up with a brand-new set of cosmetics. We can probably expect Kid Laroi to join the other real-world figures in the Fortnite Icon Series.

Epic has officially confirmed that there’s some crossover material coming from this artist. We don’t quite know the extent of the crossover yet. Although, there’s reason to think this is going to be something big. This is what we know about the Kid Laroi X Fortnite crossover.

Kid Laroi X Fortnite Crossover

The Kid Laroi x Fortntie crossover has been confirmed with a recent update from Epic. This is coming after a lot of talk about a concert from the artist. It looks like we’re also getting skins, and potentially even more in-game though.

Kid Laroi x Fortnite - Radio

Kid Laroi’s Radio Takeover

Rumours have been swirling about a Kid Laroi X Fortnite crossover for quite a while. It’s been big news that this would be the next real-world musician to cross over into Fortnite with an in-game performance. However, we’ve basically had confirmation just ahead of Epic’s first patch after Winterfest. Kid Laroi is staging a radio takeover of Fortnite!

In-game, Fortnite has radio stations that play inside of cars. A lot of players might not pay too much attention to them, since they’re often muted on streams or just a bit distracting. However, they do normally cover a wide range of music. You can find pop stars who have previously worked with Epic on there as well as in other genres. The Icon Radio Station is special though, that only includes those who are part of the Fortnite Icon Series.

Kid Laroi’s music will be playing solely over the Fortnite Icon Radio for a little while. This definitely means he’s going to be joining the series of outfits in game and getting his own skin in Fortnite soon.

These radio stations have only been around since Season 2, but they’ve already got established lore in teasing upcoming content. Previously we saw Eminem stage one of these takeovers, just ahead of some tie-in cosmetics getting added. That wasn’t a full skin or concert, but rumours suggest we’re getting something more for Kid Laroi X Fortnite.

Kid Laroi X Fortnite Crossover

The Kid Laroi X Fortnite crossover is likely going to involve a brand-new in-game concert. These have previously been held for artists like Marshmello and Arianne Grande. They’re big events where you see an in-game representation of the artist performing music. Usually, in a world or setting designed for a communal experience along with that music.

They haven’t really stuck to the concept of a concert. Most events see players transported away from a stage and into a more full-on experience. They’re more than a concert, each has been a highlight of that period in the game. Chapter 3 had no in-game concerts. That’s going to change in Chapter 4 though.

It seems like we can expect a Kid Laroi X Fortnite concert sometime this Season! This will probably be popping up towards the end of the season, likely sometime in February. This would fit in well with the other planned events for the rest of the season. Between a My Hero Academia crossover, concert, and Winterfest, Chapter 4 Season 1 is looking a lot more stacked than past seasons for these big developments.

We still don’t know for certain if a concert is coming. However, rumours and Fortnite leaks on the topic have been around for a few months now. With Epic confirming some crossovers, it looks like the leaks may have been right.

Kid Laroi X Fortnite Icon Series

Joining the Fortnite Icon Radio makes it pretty clear that Kid Laroi is going to be making an appearance, likely getting his own skin. It’s even been teased by Epic themselves.

More than just a radio takeover, Epic is specifically teasing more coming. Whether it’s a full concert or a creative one, a skin looks pretty certain. If a skin from the icon series does come, you can probably expect to see a good few clips of Laroi getting the Victory Royale!

Often, when a big new skin like this is added a tournament comes too. These typically give players the chance to win a free version of the skin. Although, you have to be one of the top Fortnite esports players or get incredibly lucky to really get much out of it! Most players don’t walk away with anything, even in the quieter regions. Something to watch out for though, especially if you’re a pro-level player who wasn’t tempted by the million-dollar prize pools but just has to have a Kid Laroi X Fortnite skin.

Kid Laroi

Kid Laroi is the next artist to join the Fortnite Icon Series and they could well be the next person to hold an in-game concert. He isn’t quite as well-known as some past artists’ though. He’s had break-out hits recently though, particularly from getting play on TikTok.

The Kid Laroi skin will be a fun addition to the Icon Series. If we get any more content in-game, that’ll also help to fill out Season 1 of Chapter 4 as we wait for the FNCS to make its return in its new format.

Kid Laroi X Fortnite Skin and First Concert Lined Up
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