Is Witchfire Coop?

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Is Witchfire Coop?

Is Witchfire coop? In the age of video games played in the company of friends and strangers, one always wonders whether a game supports co-op or not. However, that's not always the path developers decide to take for their games. Some still decide to focus on the single-player experience, rather than creating something that can be shared with multiple people.

In this article, therefore, we will answer this question to clarify what the focal point of Witchfire is. Although the game is still in Early Access and is only available on Epic Games, it has had some success, and a community has already started to build around it.

Is Witchfire Coop? Explained

Unfortunately, anyone looking for a gaming experience they can share with their friends will be disappointed to learn that Witchfire doesn't support co-op. The game was conceived by the developers as a solo experience, with all the difficulties that derive from this choice. As we have already said elsewhere, in fact, Witchfire is not a simple game at all; you will need patience and calm to be able to face it (here are some of our tips that you can follow).

As a result, the developers have not taken into consideration the idea of being able to share this challenge with other players, or at least for the moment, that is the case. Let us remember, in fact, that the development team is certainly not new to changing its mind during construction. Witchfire was conceived as a game structured in different arenas and then completely changed structure and moved to an open world during development.

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For this reason, although there is no news regarding the possible addition of a multiplayer component to the game, it is not something we can exclude a priori. Also, there are examples of games that were born as single-player experiences and then transformed into multiplayer experiences after their release. So, there is always the possibility that Witchfire is part of one of these examples.

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Also, let's not forget about the mod community. PC games are well known for almost completely changing faces once they are released on the market, thanks to the intervention of modders. Games that are born single-player manage to become multiplayer with the addition of specific mods. Consequently, it is very likely that something like this could happen to Witchfire in her lifetime.

But is a multiplayer mode really something that would be good for the game's economy? According to what we have had the opportunity to try so far, the game has a structure and game mechanics that would go well with a multiplayer mode in which we could have other players on our team to help us during the expeditions. For those who have played Remnant from the Ashes and Remnant 2, we can say that Witchfire has several points of contact with these two games, which, in fact, are also designed for co-op play.

For this reason, we think that Witchfire could really benefit from a co-op mode, not only from a gameplay point of view but also from a marketing point of view. Many have started asking on various social networks about a possible addition of this functionality precisely because they realized how well the game goes with this possibility.

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For the moment, however, all we can do is wait for the game to be developed in its entirety and released soon with all the content that the developers have planned to create. If there will be room for the future addition of a co-op mode in Witchfire, only time will tell.

Is Witchfire Coop?
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