Is Witchfire Open World?

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Is Witchfire Open World?

Is Witchfire open world? In the era of ever-longer games with ever-larger maps, one cannot help but wonder if Witchfire is also part of this category. The game has now been in development for several years and in recent months it was released in Early Access as an Epic Games exclusive, but the developers have totally changed the cards on the table compared to the initial idea.

In this article, therefore, we will try to get to the heart of the matter to answer what is one of the most asked questions when it comes to Witchfire, in addition to whether or not it is a soulslike.

Is Witchfire Open World? Explained

Witchfire is an open world game. This is what was announced by the developers themselves before the title was even released in Early Access. However, it was not intended as an open world title. Witchfire is a fps that combines roguelite, soulslike, and extraction mechanics within it, so it was conceived as an arena game and not with an explorable map.

However, the developers have decided to change this aspect of the title during the work to make it more attractive to the modern market. Nowadays, open world games are the most requested, so it's understandable how the development team wanted to ride this wave and try to attract as many players as possible. Obviously, making this radical change during construction was not at all easy.

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Is Witchfire Open World

Since the game was not designed to be open world, the developers had to work deeply on their project, almost completely changing its structure. It was a very risky move that could certainly be a real shot in the foot for the development team, but from what we have been able to see so far, it seems that their change of direction has been successful.

Of course, there will still be mechanics that derive from an arena composition, with for example, passages that will not be accessible from the beginning but you will have to find a key to open them. The developers wanted to underline this, but there is certainly greater freedom of exploration with respect to the original idea. You can explore almost anywhere at your own pace, or you can decide to proceed directly towards your goal.

Ultimately, we can say that Witchfire is without a doubt an open world game, despite the fact that the development team did not conceive of it as such in the first phase of development. There has been a complete review of the game structure, which could be both a winning move and a failure. Only time will be able to dispel these doubts and make us understand whether the team's willingness to change its mind during construction was the right choice to make.

Is Witchfire Open World?
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