Is the JAR-5 Dominator Worth Getting in Helldivers 2?

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Is the JAR-5 Dominator Worth Getting in Helldivers 2?

The JAR-5 Dominator in Helldivers 2 is an unlockable heavy rifle that packs a mean punch but is it worth buying? Let’s take a closer look 

Helldivers 2 is jam-packed with action as you travel across a sprawling galaxy, killing insects and robots and spreading democracy. Your guns are your best allies in this fight for the greater good. 

With a vast arsenal of weapons to choose from, it’s hard to settle on just one. Each gun is unique in its own special way, offering something extra depending on the situation. Some you get for free, but to get the best of the bunch, you’re going to have to grind for medals

Spending your hard-earned medals wisely to get the gun that gives you the best bang for the buck is a recipe for success in this game. 

The JAR-5 Dominator is one such unlockable heavy rifle in Helldivers 2, but its hefty price tag has many players scratching their heads. This explosive-round-spewing monster packs a mean punch, but is it really worth emptying your pockets?

Let’s take a look at the stats of the JAR-5 Dominator and weigh its pros and cons to decide whether it’s an investment you want to make!

Is The JAR-5 Dominator Worth It?

Is the JAR-5 Dominator Worth Getting in Helldivers 2?
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In our Helldivers 2 weapon tier list, we placed the Dominator in the solid A tier. In our opinion, this is a weapon that’s worth unlocking and it performs quite well, as long as you manage your expectations.

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The JAR-5 Dominator can be purchased from Page 3 of the Steeled Veterans Warbond. It costs 80 Warbond medals, but the cost to unlock Page 3 requires you to spend an extra 140 Medals. So you’ll have to spend a total of 220 medals to get this weapon.

For a new player, this is a pretty steep investment. And whether it’s worth getting depends a lot on your playstyle. 

Here are the main stats of the weapon:

  • Damage: 200 
  • Mag Size: 15 
  • Recoil: 75 
  • Fire Rate: 250 
  • Passive: Medium Armor Penetration

From the stats, this gun doesn’t look all that special. The damage is good, but the slow fire rate of the weapon makes it seem a bit underwhelming. However, where the gun truly shines is that passive! 

It’s one of the few weapons in the game that can penetrate medium armor. And at higher levels as you face tougher, heavily-armored enemies, this weapon can wreak havoc. 

Strengths of the JAR-5 Dominator

If you want a high damage profile weapon for your Helldiver, then this is it. Its high damage per round is strong enough to melt Automaton Devastators and Terminid Brood Commanders before they can say uncle. Against Automatons, this weapon is one of the best there is.

Its superior damage output is particularly effective against those annoying Bile and Spore Spewers. A few well-aimed shots at the sac can instantly kill a Spewer. 

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Here are the main pros of the JAR-5 Dominator:

  • Melts enemies quickly
  • Reasonable recoil for the damage output
  • Can stagger enemies
  • Can Penetrate Medium Armor

Weaknesses of the JAR-5 Dominator

Though the damage output is superb, the JAR-5 Dominator struggles when put in intense situations. When swarms are closing in on you from all directions, forcing you into melee range, the Dominator becomes more of a liability than an asset.

It’s a heavy-handling weapon, and its slow fire rate and low magazine capacity make it pretty unreliable in these situations. If you can keep your distance, it’s a fantastic weapon. But, for close quarters, you would rather have something else to save the day.

Here are the main Cons of the JAR-5 Dominator:

  • Slow rate of fire
  • Low mag size
  • Poor handling
  • Overkill for weaker mobs

Should You Get the JAR-5 Dominator

The JAR-5 Dominator, despite its massive damage output, has some major limitations that the devs put in to balance it out. It’s not the best gun in the game, but it’s got it’s own special perks that make it great. And whether you should get it or not ultimately comes down to your playstyle.

If you are the run-and-gun type of guy who likes to stay in the thick of the battle, then it’s not for you. However, if you can keep some distance and manage the drawbacks of the weapon, then it can make a fine addition to your arsenal. Happy hunting!

Is the JAR-5 Dominator Worth Getting in Helldivers 2?
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