Helldivers 2 Medal Farming Guide

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Helldivers 2 Medal Farming Guide

Here is our Helldivers 2 Medal Farming Guide.

The third-person shooter made by Arrowhead Studios is among one of the hottest PC titles of 2024, and is the follow-up to 2015's Helldivers. The sequel absolutely changes the game by introducing new mechanics and making it a graphically intensive third-person shooter instead of the simplistic bug-killing top-down view shooter.

Medals are one of the in-game currencies in Helldivers 2 that can be used to purchase outfits, armor, guns and several other cosmetics to help you ease your way through the dystopian Starship Troopers-esque shooter. Obviously, you need to play through the game to earn medals, but there are many ways you can earn medals faster. In this Helldivers 2 Medal Farming article shows you how to farm medals and get them faster in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2 Medal Farming Guide

One of the ways to get medals in your arsenal real quick is to complete missions as fast as you can and not complete secondary objectives, leaving them aside. Exploring the map to finish the bonus secondary objectives is time-consuming, and the rewards are farce. The drops that you will get upon exploring the map while completing your secondary objectives will contain some medals, samples or Super Credirs, but there is no guarantee that all the drops will contain a substantial amount of rewards that truly matter.
Two of these missions are Blitz: Search and Destroy and Eradicate. Both of these missions offer you ways to get medals quicker than all of the available missions. This is one of the ways you can farm medals faster in the world of Helldivers 2. Both of these missions are the fastest ones to complete in the entirety of Helldivers. Each of the missions will take about 10 to 12 minutes to complete making them one of the fastest options to explore if you're into farming medals. Also, robot survival missions like the ‘Extermination' mission are also easier to complete as the entirety of the mission takes about 12 minutes to complete all the objectives and then extract.

Helldivers 2 Medal Farming Multiplayer

You can also put the game's multiplayer co-op mode to your advantage if your friends share the same objective of farming medals. Working on objectives together will cause the missions to be completed faster, which in turn will make it easier to get medals. Farming medals in Helldivers 2 isn't relatively tough if you're willing to repeat two of the methods listed by us above, and don't fret about asking a friend for help, that's the main purpose of this third-person co-op shooter.
There is no sure-shot way to farm medals except by choosing repetitive missions that allow you to take down hordes of easy-to-kill robots and enemies of the Terminind class. Examples of such missions have been listed for you in the article above. However, the missions with high difficulty also grant more medals than medium-level missions, but the bosses and enemies will be difficult to take down, and which in turn will be time-consuming. Also, do not forget that completing your daily Personal Orders should also be your priority if you wish to farm medals in Helldivers 2.
Helldivers 2 is available to play on the PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam. For the latest in gaming and esports, follow us on ESTNN.
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