Is MW3 Zombies Split Screen? Destroy MW3 Zombies with 2

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Is MW3 Zombies Split Screen? Destroy MW3 Zombies with 2

Is MW3 Zombies Split Screen? This is how it works and how you can use Modern Warfare 3 Zombies split screen on different platforms.

The return of MW3 Zombies has been one of the most fun parts of the latest release. The Zombies side mode has long been a fun distraction, where you can jump in with friends. It’s a way to enjoy a different side of the game, away from the pressures of the more competitive modes. However, MW3 Zombies split screen might not be as obvious as it always was. Split screen was once one of the best ways to play this mode, joining together in single screen. However, modern gaming has often moved away from split screen lately. Does Zombies still offer the feature?

Fairly often, games that got their start in split screen will go on to ditch it. Although, some games seem to pop up that keep the torch going. Even Fortnite split screen is a thing, even if modern instalments for couch co-op franchises push solo screen experiences. What about Call of Duty?

While a lot of players will be joining friends for online multiplayer, can you do it in the same room using a single screen or display? While now a more complicated game mode, can you still recreate that old fashioned fun of joining together and blasting away zombies with a divided-up screen? This is how MW3 zombies split screen is set up and if the game has it.

Is MW3 Zombies Split Screen?

Is MW3 Zombies split screen

While the beta of Modern Warfare 3 had no split screen functionality, the full game has reintroduced the feature in some places. Rather than an added feature, it wasn’t in the beta to keep things simple. Players can’t use split screen across the whole title but it is in there. There are some modes where it will work perfectly fine though.

MW3 Zombies does have split screen. You can hop in a game together on most platforms and play with the screen divided in the middle. It’s also available on the rest of the multiplayer maps, with a couple of minor exceptions. Ground War, Free for All, and Invasion are all lacking these as larger modes. Otherwise, you’re free to recreate split screen experiences on the latest Call of Duty title. The gameplay might have gotten more complex with more systems at work, but you can still have local fun. Although, not on every platform. Players can only really do split screen on consoles, where split screen is a more traditional mode.

The exact method for doing split screen is a little trickier now that we’re on modern consoles. Gone are the days of just plugging in a controller and a second player pops up. Most games that do offer split screen have provisos about profiles. Modern consoles require players to be logged in! How do you set up the MW3 Zombies split screen?

How to Play Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Split Screen

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Is MW3 Zombies split screen? Yes. How exactly can you get it set up to play this way though. There are a few more steps than there were in the past, now that user profiles are such a prominent feature on consoles. This is how you can set up Modern Warfare 3 zombies split screen

Play Split Screen on Console

  • Connect a second controller to your console
  • Add an account for the other controller and login, or make one if you don’t have one
  • Wait for a prompt to join the game in the right of the screen
  • Select the game mode, in this case, MW 3 Zombies split screen

You’ll then be in the game and ready to play split screen. This method is going to work the same on PlayStation and Xbox. Players will obviously have different prompts depending on the account systems though. If you join a game mode that doesn’t allow split screen, you’ll receive a warning. Otherwise, you’ll be able to play the game safely with both players getting half of a screen.

Does MW3 Zombies Split Work on PC?

That’s on console but what about PC? It’s a bit different there. While a lot of PC players might have a set-up, which has the space for a split display, and better processing power to handle it, it isn’t always offered. MW3 Zombies split screen on PC doesn’t seem to be a feature yet. It’s possible this will arrive later in a patch or other Call of Duty news. However, at the moment there isn’t a system for setting up split screen on PC.

This isn’t exclusive to MW3. Quite a few of the modern CoD games have lacked it on PC despite offering it on console. There’s less demand for split screen on console. This feature being absent isn’t too surprising given the history of the platform.

Does Split Screen Zombies MW3 Work Well?

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Is MW3 Zombies split screen? Yeah, on some platforms. However, just because a game offers split screen it doesn’t mean it works well. Should you play MW3 in split screen? The game has a few issues when playing split screen. In most MW3 multiplayer modes, you’re running into obvious problems. The experience just isn’t made for a divided-up screen. You’ll be at a disadvantage to quite a few other players elsewhere in your map. You might also notice a few performance issues on most consoles. Even on next gen hardware.

Most of that applies to multiplayer. In terms of Zombies, the problems are less pronounced. You’ll likely suffer fewer problems in taking out zombies than actual players. Although, it is still clear that this isn’t the way the game has been designed. You’re not playing a mode that’s accounting for the lack of vision in split screen. Performance can also get a bit weighed down in some places too.

All of this isn’t to say it’s not worth playing MW3 Zombies split screen. The feature is there and it’s still a lot of fun to jump in and play. However, keep in mind you’ll be playing with some handicaps. It likely isn’t worth busting out your most competitive MW3 loadouts and attempting to complete the toughest Zombies camo challenges. If you just want a casual fun few games though, this feature is perfect for that.

With so many games neglecting the same room multiplayer experience, it’s great that the answer to is MW3 Zombies split screen is yes. The game allows you to play whichever you want. Having it available for so many separate modes isn’t too bad either. MW3 is a really fun modern take on the series, and playing split screen only adds to that.

Is MW3 Zombies Split Screen? Destroy MW3 Zombies with 2
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