Did Fortnite Remove Split Screen? Fun 2 Player Mode Vaulted

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Did Fortnite Remove Split Screen? Fun 2 Player Mode Vaulted

Did Fortnite remove split screen? Jumping into the most recent update, players might be surprised by the lack of a longstanding option, but is it coming back?

Fortnite is primarily a multiplayer game, it’s just more fun with friends. On some platforms, the method for how to play split screen on Fortnite has managed to make that even easier. Players could play with a friend on a single console. While not ideal for performance, it was a really fun way to experience the game with friends in the same lobby. A recent update has deleted that function though! Given its lack of popularity, a lot of players didn’t even notice, wondering did Fortnite remove split screen?

The latest update has seemingly turned off the Fortnite split screen system. Players have to use two separate devices to jump up together at the moment. The functionality has just been removed. This isn’t going to be permanent though, at least we hope it’s not. What’s happened with Fortnite split screen and when can we expect the feature to come back?

Did Fortnite Remove Split Screen?

Did Fortnite Remove Split Screen?

The newest Fortnite news often shows off the new items and other features added in each patch notes. Less talked about though is what they take away. The most recent change vaulted a few items and even this entire method for how to play split screen on Fortnite. Players can’t utilise this system for playing with friends anymore.

Epic has taken away split screen, but there hasn’t been an official announcement. For the most part, when Epic removes functionality like this, we’d expect an explanation. The most likely one is that this is a bug that’s being removed. It might be that Fortnite split screen just doesn’t work very well with some of the OG content. Planes especially could be causing problems for rendering two views of the game at once.

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It’s likely that how to split screen on Fortnite games will be simple again after a few updates. Epic will probably simply re-enable split screen, once the bugs have been resolved. Just how long can we expect it to take though?

When Will Fortnite Split Screen Come Back?

Did Fortnite Remove Split Screen?

The answer to did Fortnite remove split screen is yes, but we don’t expect it to be gone forever. Instead, we’ll likely see split screen return to Fortnite soon. In terms of timing, it’s difficult to be too exact. If split screen has been turned off because of a specific feature or item in the game, it’ll likely disappear when that does. The most likely date is when Fortnite OG schedule moves to the next season. After that, there’s another major update where we’ll see features like this coming back.

This will likely be the launch of Fortnite Chapter 5. If you didn’t know the answer to did Fortnite remove split screen until now, you might not miss it too much. This next new Chapter will be released just after Fortnite OG wraps up in December. We’ll probably see the split screen feature restored by then. However, there is some precedence for Epic taking longer to fix bugs.

Chapter 4’s new movement mechanic, Hurdling, has been gone for longer than it was here. Added in the Chapter 4 launch, this fairly basic mechanic didn’t work. It caused crazy bugs and quickly got removed. Despite being central to the new chapter, the movement mechanic was gone for a long time. Hurdling returned once or twice, but was never fixed. It’s still missing. If Epic can take away a core mechanic for a year, Fortnite split screen might not fare much better. Hopefully, we see it make a return a bit sooner though.

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How to Play Split Screen on Fortnite

Did Fortnite Remove Split Screen?

If split screen comes back in an upcoming update, the method for playing with a friend will likely remain the same. The game’s split screen isn’t the most used multiplayer option, but it’s a lot more stable than you might think. On Fortnite Xbox and PlayStation, you’ll be able to go through some specific steps for how to play Fortnite Split screen. This is how you can do it once it’s back in the game.

  • Open Fortnite on a Supported Platform
  • Go to the Main Menu
  • Connect both controllers to the console
  • With the first player connected, invite the second player to play
  • Second player has to connect their account
  • With two players in the lobby, open a game like normal

Split Screen is only functional in games. You won’t see a dual view of the lobby. Or when you’re choosing your Fortnite skins. You‘ll also have to play on specific game modes, only pubs and in larger groups. You obviously can’t play Solos like this, or Fortnite Ranked mode.

That’s how to play split screen on Fortnite. The whole system is fairly simple. Although, with it currently out of the game this method isn’t going to work. We’ll have to wait for Epic Games to get on the bug fix and have Fortnite split screen working again.

Did Fortnite Remove Split Screen? Fun 2 Player Mode Vaulted
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