Is Fortnite Ending 2024? No, Battle Royale Isn’t Stopping

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Is Fortnite Ending 2024? No, Battle Royale Isn’t Stopping

Is Fortnite ending 2024? At the moment, rumours are swirling online about a possible Fortnite shut down in 2024, is the Battle Royale getting a finale?

Fortnite Battle Royale is far and away one of the most successful video game franchises ever made. It sells tons skins and cosmetics pretty much every day. Millions are in the FN player base at any given second, with it seemingly now becoming an entire gaming platform. So is Fortnite ending 2024? A recent rumour has gotten quite a few fans worried that their favorite Battle Royale will be shuttering its doors as early as next year! So is it true that we should expect a Fortnite ending 2024?

No. Fortnite isn’t ending in 2024.

Fortnite isn’t ending, Fortnite shutting down 2024 will most likely not happen. This is a simple rumour that’s been started based on some recent events. Fortnite still makes huge profits and isn’t in any danger. Although, with moves from Epic Games we are potentially facing a different-looking Fortnite in 2024. While Fortnite ending 2024 isn’t true, we might end up with a changed experience from FN so far. That change does seem likely to come at the end of 2023 too.  So why is Fortnite ending 2024 not true and what change can we expect to see in the new year for the title?

Is Fortnite Ending 2024?

Is Fortnite Ending 2024?

Some recent rumours on Twitter and other social media have suggested that Fortnite will be ending in 2024. This isn’t true. Why have people jumped to this assumption though?

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It all likely stems from recent issues at Epic Games. They’ve recently made wide layoffs (which likely won’t effect Fortnite). In an email, the CEO of Epic directly called out the shift to revenue-sharing creative as a factor here. Likely a big factor is also the settlement in an expensive lawsuit. That’s led to Epic giving back a record-breaking figure of money to those who purchased Fortnite skins over the early days of the game. That by no means Fortnite ending 2024 is expected though.

Between this expensive lawsuit, the almost-as-expensive legal fight with Apple over giving them an industry-standard cut of in-app purchases, and wider economic trends, Epic are definitely facing a tighter budget. But is Fortnite shutting down 2024? No, obviously not. If anything, these current troubles make it all the more important that Epic continues to deliver Fortnite content that keeps engagement high.

The Epic Games logo appears in white on a black background.

Fortnite dropping from its current profits and player base would definitely be bad news given the pressures Epic is facing. However, between having a culture juggernaut like this game and the ground breaking Unreal Engine, Epic isn’t exactly facing shut down. They will easily be around for a long time to come, and we have no reason to think Fortnite is going anywhere. Despite hashtags of Fortnite ending 2024, the game isn’t going anywhere. How will it change though?

Is Fortnite Shutting Down 2024? No, but Changing – Chapter 5 and Beyond

Fortnite ending 2024 definitely isn’t going to happen, but the game is going to look different. It’s no secret that we’re approaching a new start for FN, Fortnite Chapter 5. The current Chapter will end later this year. According to leakers, we’ll have a short month-long season before we get into Chapter 5.

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This could mean major changes to the game. We expect a brand-new map, brand new weapon pool, an entire revamp. There are even rumours of an item shop redesign, a new racing vertical to join Battle Royale, and more. Fortnite Chapter 5 might end up with a pretty different-looking title than past Chapters. However, the answer to is Fortnite ending 2024 is a clear no.

Another factor is Epic is increasingly focused on Creative. Even the launcher for the game right now pushes players to embrace the wide world of Fortnite creative and try out some of the best UnrealFN maps. However, this is just Fortnite getting bigger. None of it means Fortnite shutting down 2024 could happen.

Fortnite ending 2024 is still pretty far-fetched. The current season has been one of the most popular in a while and the game finally seems back on track. While Epic has made some layoffs the highly profitable Battle Royale is extremely unlikely to be impacted in any significant way. We’ll likely have Fortnite Battle Royale content to play for a long time to come.

Is Fortnite Ending 2024? No, Battle Royale Isn’t Stopping
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