How to Improve Working Conditions in Palworld (2024)

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How to Improve Working Conditions in Palworld (2024)

Improve working conditions in your Palworld camp if you want an efficient, near-limitless supply of Wood, Stone and other materials.

Keep your base Pals happy with these simple tricks!

Palworld's open-world sandbox lets you assign a bunch of your adorable Pals to hard labor at your camp while you continue your quest to destabilize a global poaching syndicate.

At first glance, keeping the worker Pals in your base happy can seem like a simple task. It's easy when you only have one Ranch to take care of. However, there's more to Palworld's farming mechanics than meets the eye, especially when you reach higher levels and manage upwards of 15 Pals across several bases.

Here's everything you need to know to improve working conditions in your Palworld base.

How to Improve Working Conditions in Palworld

Have Enough Beds for Your Pals

Let's start with the lowest tier of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

Like with any community management sim, Palworld needs you to provide ample bedspace for the Pals that work from home. Crafting enough beds not only increases the size of your camp, but also allows its busy denizens to rest at the end of the day, keeping their Sanity intact!

When you start, craft basic Straw Beds for your Pals in the “Infrastructure” menu (10x Wood, 5x Fiber). Moreover, you'll be able to unlock better beds dow the line for even greater benefits.

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How to Improve Working Conditions in Palworld

At level 24, you'll be able to craft the “Fluffy Pal Bed” for an added HP buff for your Pals. And at level 36 you unlock the “Large Pal Bed” to house your bigger buddies.

Speaking of stat improvements, there are a few special ways to improve the fighting shape of your Pals out of combat. One of these involve the Statues of Power, which can be hard to get in your base if you don't know where to look. Check our full Statues of Power guide for more!

A good rule of thumb is to always have an extra bed for future indentured Pals when you get more room.

Feed Your Pals

The “Feed Box” is one of the first things you contruct when you build your first Palworld base. Luckily, there aren't any complex recipes that'll bog down your community manager experience, so keeping your Pals happy and fed is rather simple, especially when you already have a Berry Plantation in your camp.

Keep your Pals fed for longer periods of time by converting Red Berries to “Baked Berries” on the campfire. Doing so adds 5 minutes to their uptime and just makes managing your workers more efficient in the long run.

Assign Tasks

How to Improve Working Conditions in Palworld

Congratulations, you've provided your base Pals the essential needs for survival. Now it's time to give them their purpose.

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Assigning tasks to your Pals at camp is not only expected, but it's also to keep them from getting bored to the point of depression (yes, it actually happens in this game).

Find the right Pal for the job by opening your Palbox and viewing their details. There, you'll find a Pal's “Work Suitability”, which lists their available talents.

List of All Tasks in Palworld (Work Suitability):

  • Cooling
  • Farming
  • Gathering
  • Generating Electricity
  • Handiwork
  • Kindling
  • Lumbering
  • Mining
  • Planting
  • Transporting
  • Watering

After familiarizing yourself with a Pal's Work Suitability, simply throw them down in front of the work that needs doing, and they'll automatically take on the task.

You'll need to balance three of these elements to maintain an efficient community of Pals at home. And while letting them overwork for more resources does sound tempting, you'll get more in the long run if you take care of your base Pals (and your conscience).

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