How to Unlock Competitive in Overwatch 2

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How to Unlock Competitive in Overwatch 2

Wondering how to unlock Competitive in Overwatch 2 and start climbing the leaderboards? Here’s a quick guide to get you started

The competitive game mode in Overwatch 2 is highly intense. It stands as a testament to the player’s skill, paving a path for them to etch their name in the much-revered leaderboards.

However, new players don’t get access to this game mode from the get-go. They need to accomplish a series of tasks to unlock this mode and start climbing the ranks.

If you can’t figure out how to access the Competitive mode in Overwatch 2, here’s what you need to know.

How to Unlock Competitive in Overwatch 2

A big reason to play Overwatch 2 is its ranked game system.

As of OW 2 Season 8, there are two simple ways to unlock ranked games.

Linking Your Old Overwatch Account:

If you played the first Overwatch game, then unlocking competitive play in Overwatch 2 is pretty easy. Simply link your Blizzard account to your OW 2 game, and you’re good to go.

That means you won’t have to grind through all the unranked matches to access the ranked game system. This method ensures that veteran players who played the first game can start climbing the leaderboards as soon as they jump into the game!

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Unlock by Playing Quick Play Games:

Another way to unlock the ranked games in Overwatch 2 is to win 50 Quick Play games. That’s right – simply playing the 50 matches isn’t enough; you also need to win them.

This method ensures you get a good grasp of the mechanics of the game before you hop into the ranked matches. By the time you have won your 50 games, you should have a clear idea of your role, whether you’re playing as a DPS or a Tank.

How to Check How Many Games to Win to Unlock Competitive Play

Having to win 50 Quick Play games to unlock Competitive is no small feat. Each OW 2 game lasts an average of 15 to 20 minutes. Therefore, even if you win all your games, you need at least 15 hours to unlock the ranked game mode. It's easy to forget how many games you still need to complete after a while.

Simply head over to the Challenges menu on the home screen and navigate to the Competitive tab.

From here, you can check the Competitive Play Qualification, which shows how many games you completed out of the 50 required games.

Why Unlock Competitive in Overwatch 2

If you’re a casual player (no judgments here), you will unlock the Competitive game mode eventually. That doesn’t mean you need to play competitive games to enjoy it.

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However, unlocking and playing the ranked games in Overwatch 2 comes with some rewards.

The most obvious reward is the golden guns that you can buy with CP or competitive points. You get a small amount of CP after each win or draw. In addition, you’ll receive a certain amount of CP depending on your rank at the end of each Comp season.

Another plus is that you get access to special titles like Adept Competitor, Seasoned Competitor, and Expert Competitor once you complete 250, 750, and 1750 games in the Comp mode. It’s a clever little way to show off your dedication to the game you love.

Let the Climb Begin!

There you have it, our complete guide on how to unlock Competitive in Overwatch 2!

With some patience and a bit of grinding, you’ll be able to jump into the ranked mode in the game and start climbing your way up the leaderboards. The rewards that come with it aren’t too bad either.

Start grinding!

How to Unlock Competitive in Overwatch 2
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