How to Reach 100% Approval in Manor Lords

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How to Reach 100% Approval in Manor Lords

Wondering how to reach 100% Approval in Manor Lords? Here’s your answer.

Manor Lords can be a tough game to get into at first. With all the different resources to think about, setting up buildings strategically, and having to expand your territory before the enemies claim it, things can go south in the blink of an eye. And to make matters worse, you also need to make sure your citizens are having a good time in your settlement.

This new real-time strategy/city-building game is pushing the boundaries of the genre ever since it came out on Early Access. But despite its tough gameplay and steep learning curve, the experience is very rewarding once you manage to build the perfect settlement.

Your Approval rating is one of the most important elements in the game that affects the state of your population. But it’s one of those things that isn’t explained well in the tutorial.

So it falls on us to get it done! In this article, we’ll give you a crash course on how Approval works in Manor Lords and how you can raise it to 100%. Let’s hop in!

What is Approval in Manor Lords

How to Reach 100% Approval in Manor Lords

Credit: PCGamesN

Approval in Manor Lords mostly determines the state of families and citizens in your settlement. If you look at the upper right corner of your screen when you’re playing the game, you’ll notice a numerical percentage. This percentage represents your Approval rating.

Basically, the higher it is, the better for you. Here are the things that depend on your Approval rating:

1. New Families Joining Your Settlement:

At 50% Approval, you’ll get one family per month coming into your settlement. If you manage to get it above 75%, the number of families joining your settlement jumps up to two per month.

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2. Families Leaving Your Settlement:

As long as your Approval rating is above 24%, you won’t have to worry about families leaving. However, if it drops to 24% or below, you’ve got a real problem on your hands. Families will start looking for better opportunities elsewhere one by one.

3. Families Committing Crimes:

While families won’t leave when your Approval rating isn’t under 24%, there’s a good chance they will start resorting to a life of crime. Over time, these families can turn into bandits that you’ll have to defeat—not a good thing!

4. The Morale of Your Militia

Your Approval rating also affects the morale of the Militia. With a higher Approval rating, your Militia will be more effective while attacking enemies in Manor Lords.

How to Reach 100% Approval

How to Reach 100% Approval in Manor Lords

Credit: VideoGamer

While having low Approval can have dire consequences in the game, there are a couple of ways you can keep it high. It’s one of those things the game doesn’t explain too well, which is why people are having a hard time with it.

Here are a few ways for you to reach 100% Approval in Manor Lords:

1. Eliminate Homelessness

When you start growing your city, one of the first issues that you’ll face is homelessness. Ensuring your settlement has enough living space for all the families is the first order of business.

When there are families who don’t have a proper living space in your city, your Approval rating will take a hit. To combat this, you need to construct plenty of Burgage Plots to house all the families who take refuge in your settlement.

2. Store Supplies Properly

In Manor Lords, when your Crafting and Gathering Stations are full, the extra food or resources that you gather will become unsheltered. That means you won’t have a place to store them, and they will go to waste.

Now, wasting resources is always a bad idea in strategy games, but Manor Lords punishes you severely for it. When your supply storages are full and resources start going to waste, your Approval rating will start to plummet.

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To fix this, build Granaries and Storehouses in your settlement and assign one family unit to take care of it. This will give you a decent boost in your Approval.

3. Meet Amenity and Market Supply Requirements

How to Reach 100% Approval in Manor Lords

Credit: Gamers Heroes

When you click on your Burgage Plots, you’ll notice some Amenity and Market Supply Requirements. For example, Level 1 Burgage Plots have an Amenity requirement for a Well and a Wooden Church.

Prioritizing these buildings will give you a decent boost in Approval right away. However, we first recommend building a Well since you’d need a Sawpit before you can make a Wooden Church, and that can take a while.

4. Build a Versatile Marketplace

Families can distribute their produce, such as Meat or Leather, through a Marketplace in your settlement. Building a Marketplace is a part of your Burgage Plots Market Supply Requirement so we recommend building it as early as you can.

However, simply building a Marketplace isn’t enough; if you really want to see a major rise in your Approval, make sure there are a wide variety of items available here. As your settlement grows, construct buildings for all sorts of resources that the families can sell in the Marketplace. That’s when your Approval rating will skyrocket.

5. Reduce Game Difficulty

Though really not a permanent solution, if you’re having too much trouble with getting a decent Approval score, consider lowering the difficulty of the game. Manor Lords gives you three scenarios to choose from. You can also adjust individual options to completely customize your experience.

Play on an easier Scenario, set the Residential Requirements to Balanced and Approval set to Medium Penalty from the Custom Difficulty option and you’ll have an easier time getting your Approval high in the game.

Getting to a 100% Approval takes a bit of work. But if you follow our guidelines, you’ll get there within no time. And if things get tough, simply tone down the difficulty until you get better at the basics of the game.

For more tips and tricks on Manor Lords, keep an eye out on ESTNN!

How to Reach 100% Approval in Manor Lords
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